How To Choose Lighting Fixtures For Every Part Of Your Home

May 27, 2020

Lights play an essential role in making different rooms in your home look appealing. You should prioritize finding an excellent light fixture that will not only help you feel comfortable but will also make you more productive.

Interior designers will suggest that lighting in a room will look good if it’s layered. Most people think that there is only one kind of lighting fixture, which will be enough when deciding what should be added in the room. There are actually three kinds of indoor lighting that everyone should take note of, and these are:


  • Task: These lights are used to assist anyone in completing a task or any function. An example or these are pendant lights in the kitchen to desk lamps.
  • Accent: This lighting fixture highlights a specific focal point, which can be vanities, pictures, paintings, or mirrors. Dimmers are usually used with these kinds of lighting fixtures to achieve mood lighting.
  • Ambient: These usually are the wall-mounted fixtures, recessed, or track lighting. Typically known as general lighting, these lighting fixtures commonly fill the room.


However, deciding which is the right lighting for each room in your house is not an easy decision to make. The reason for this is that the ideal lighting fixtures vary from one room to another, and as a result, these tasks can be quite overwhelming. You don’t have to worry! Here is a guide on how to choose the suitable lighting fixtures for the different rooms in your home:


Living Room 


The living room is designed for relaxation and entertainment. This is a  room where you will be hosting your guests; therefore, it must depict a good picture of your lifestyle. The size of lighting fixtures installed in your living room is usually dependent on its décor and space. For example, when choosing a chandelier, make sure it will complement the size of your living room.


You can combine a mixture of ambient and accent lights to improve the ambiance of your living room. Also, you need to consider carefully distributing light sources such as lamps around the room. Be cautious about overdoing the lighting fixtures because it may end up looking unappealing and too bright.


Other great lighting options for your living room are table lamps, sconces, and floor lamps as they allow you to alter the room’s ambiance with ease. You should also consider getting a dimmer switch, which will make it possible to change the living room’s brightness depending on your preference. Also, if you have ceiling fans with lights can be an excellent choice in your living room, as they bring more extra mood lights when needed.


Dining Room 


For your dining room area, you should get lighting fixtures that produce enough light for you to eat dinner and converse with persons around the table with ease. If you install a chandelier, make sure it is positioned directly at the center of your dining room table.


You can also opt to get several pendant lights instead of a chandelier and place them over your dining room table. However, you should not buy pendant lights that are very low as they will keep hitting your head while you are enjoying your meal. However, do not place too many light fixtures in this room as this would ruin the tranquility it offers.




Choosing the lighting fixtures for your kitchen can be tricky since lighting schemes for this area varies. You should get a dimmer light for the spaces that you think can have a good mood lighting and you can find some from reputable websites like

A modern home kitchen with appliances

If your kitchen features an eye-catching kitchen island, an open bar, and a wide sink, you can install the pendant lights as well. This is because they will match this space both stylistically and functionally.


Overhead pendants are usually what people choose since most of them consider it as the best lighting option for their kitchen. Furthermore, you can choose to add some recessed lighting, and putting lights under your cabinets can be useful when you’re preparing food.




Bedrooms should provide you with an aura of calmness and relaxation. Lighting is one of the essential aspects you need to consider when designing this room. The ideal lighting varies from one person to another, so it is up to you to decide what works best.  Another excellent option is also using accent lights like in the living room to give your bedroom a relaxed and personalized ambiance. In addition to this, nightstands, floor-mounted lights, and table lamps are also perfect for your bedroom


Regardless of the lighting option, you would like, always make sure to get a dimmer switch. This will enable you to control your lights and create a relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom, and this will further help you relax as you try to sleep.




You can put an excellent wall-mounted lighting fixture with a versatile chic design near your bathroom sink to match the aesthetic of your bathroom. Find something that is a damp-rated lighting fixture as it can be used in areas that are usually damp.


The lighting fixtures you choose to install in your bathroom should allow you to do various tasks without straining your eyes. You should ensure that each comes with a dimmer switch as well to help you adjust your eyes to the lights when you wake up.


If you choose to get accent lighting, ensure that you buy damp-proof LED strips to prevent the light from being damaged by the shower’s steam. Traditional lights tend to use a lot of energy and might cause your electricity bill to be higher than usual, and choosing LED lights will be the right choice since these lights use less energy and will last longer so you won’t have to change bulbs now and then.


These are ideally positioned above bathroom mirrors because they focus on your bathroom’s focal point. When installing these lights, ensure they are placed well to make the most out of them. An overhead light over your bathtub is a great option as well if you want to add some flair.




Choosing the appropriate lighting fixtures for the different rooms in your home can be confusing. However, after reading through this guide, you are now well knowledgeable about where to install the perfect lighting fixture that will bring out the best features of your house.

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