How to Design an Above-Ground Pool for your Backyard

May 25, 2020

Face it, a swimming pool in the backyard appeals to many people, especially the parents whose kids are overjoyed at the mere sight of the pool. However, not everyone can have a traditional swimming pool in their backyard for several reasons. If you would still like to have a pool despite the restrictions, one healthy option is to design an above-ground pool.

View of metal frame swimming pool ready for a bath

Here are some ideas that may help you in designing your own backyard above-ground pool on your property.


Measure Your Backyard Space

One reason some homeowners are reluctant in building their own pool is the shortage of space for a traditional pool. Nonetheless, if not for the traditional pool space, you may have decent enough space for an above ground pool. So measure the available space well so you have a good idea about the size of the pool.


Consider how will Build your Backyard Pool

There are two ways for constructing a backyard pool. First, you may do it yourself by surfing for plans online, giving you a good idea of the design requirements and the best above ground pool equipment needed. This is a viable option if you have skills in DIY projects. However,  if you are not into that and have no idea how to build anything, then you can try looking for someone to build it for you. In your search for the best above ground pool blue waters experience, you should look at several factors, namely:


  • Price
  • Size of the backyard above-ground pool set
  • Durability (meaning materials used for building it)
  • If assembly required (parts that are included)
  • Labor for assembly
  • Warranty
  • Shipping fee


If you know all these, then it may be easier to buy your preferred above-ground pool set. You may want to consult various websites before coming up to any decision.

An above ground pool sets on grass in the backyard on a sunny summer day aerial view

Schedule of Building the Pool

If you have time on your hands and would like to try building your own above-ground pool, you should try to determine how much time you would need to make the pool. For instance, the website of the pool merchant may say you just need a few hours. But since this may be your maiden attempt at a DIY backyard pool, you should gauge the time you will need for each step. The estimate of a few hours can easily stretch into days if you encounter some problems you’re not ready for. Generally, the design of the pool will often dictate the level of difficulty in assembling it.


Determine what Tools you Need to Make it

A DIY project sometimes takes a long time if you don’t have the necessary tools. Yes, the merchant may send you a pool set that will be assembled but do you know what tools are used to set it up? If not, you can consult the merchant - they will be glad to assist you.


Maintenance of the Pool

Some above-ground pools for backyard  may be easy to use since they just require an air pump to inflate them, fill it up with water.- and Voila! Splash into it! This pool would just need to be dried out and deflated for storage afterwards. However, if your backyard pool is meant to be a permanent fixture, you need to factor in cleaning and maintenance of the pool and its parts too. This may also include ways to prevent damaging the pool itself during its length of service. You should also be aware of the cost of running some components of the backyard pool, such as the water filter system which may need to be in working order for hours.


Process of Getting Technician to Repair Broken Pool

As with all things that you use, it is important to know who to call when the backyard pool breaks down or develops some problems. The merchant may have their own after-sales service technicians. If there are none, search online for some companies that offer pool repair services in your area and enquire their service fees. It helps to canvass service charges for each company before settling for one. Bear in mind though that above-ground pools are considered not as durable as the built-in-ground swimming pools. This just means that you would have to take great care of your above-ground pool to make it last its full life cycle.

However, if you have concerns or issues regarding the surrounding of your pool, a pool deck repair might be necessary.


Final Takeaway

Building your own above-ground pool is a major project so it is important to control the stages of the building process to avoid runaway costs. You can buy a ready-to-inflate above-ground pool if you only need it for an afternoon or for the weekend. You just need to deflate that one and put it in storage when it is dry. But for those who want a permanent above-ground pool in their backyard, the assembly can be daunting, especially if you’ve never built anything before from scratch. Therefore, study the stages of assembly well and set up a great functional and sturdy above-ground pool in your backyard.

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