Modern House Designs That Are Trending This Year

May 4, 2020

3d rendering of modern cozy house by the river with garage for sale or rent with beautiful mountains on background. Clear summer evening with blue sky. Cozy warm light from window.

Modern house designs have emerged as a dynamic design that gives room for artistry, inspiration, sustainability, and technology. With diverse variants to suit personalized preferences, modern house designs have shown their worth over and over again.

This is probably why modern house designs have grown even more popular among millennials. That being said, the following are five modern house designs that are trending this year.


  1. Sustainable House Design

It’s not surprising that this architectural style has taken the world by storm. This is because people have started to take into account how their actions and inactions impact the environment.

The desire to effect positive change on the environment brought about the revolution that birthed this popularized architectural style. This architecture style minimizes the negative environmental impact of buildings and clear-cutting projects on the environment.

It does this by making use of environmental-friendly materials and renewable energy devices to create an aesthetically pleasing building. This type of modern house plans is characterized by renewable-energy based ventilation system, energy-efficient appliances, and light bulbs, water-saving appliances, and many more.

Large windows to encourage natural light entry are usually present in this type of house design. Natural vegetation (a garden), solar energy, and wind power-collecting devices are also typically included in this set-up.

Since sustainability is the goal, natural shade (trees), recycled items, innovative use of old construction materials are also in place in this design.


  1. Contemporary House Design

The contemporary design takes varied and unique styles from various periods to create a mind-blowing masterpiece. Thus, this house design incorporates diverse designs from previous decades and eras, making the interior and exterior coordinates of this style look superb and unique.

Contemporary house designs are characterized by a strong emphasis on an irregular but magnifique asymmetrical façade. The external areas make use of mixed construction materials, most especially a lot of woods and stones. The interior decor encourages stones and wooden-faced ornamental patterns.

Just like the sustainable house design, the now popularized contemporary house design makes use of natural, recycled materials and green systems for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning appliances. It’s not as environmentally concerning as the sustainable design, but it also seeks to make the environment better.

The layout is usually flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of the inhabitants. It also makes use of large window panes to encourage the reflection of sunlight.


  1. Futuristic House Design

As the name implies, the futuristic house design imagines the future by emphasizing natural materials, motion, technology, and elegance. These home design makes use of technological advancement projections to bring about a house that steers towards the future.

A door handle is the first thing that a person entering a home touches. This cheap smart door lock is truly a great way to add the futuristic touch to any home!

This kind of house is characterized by usually white-colored structures, large transparent windows and doors, and top-notch technological devices. This kind of home makes use of the latest technological devices, appliances, and gadgets. This home is typically smart and artificially intelligent.

This style is trending well this year due to ever-changing and ever-improving technology. Most people, especially the youth, fancy e-houses and smart appliances. This house is the true definition of modernism.


  1. Art Deco House Design

This kind of design has a sleek and sophisticated ambiance. The design is not static. Instead, it’s dynamic and ever-changing. Notwithstanding the look, it takes on at each given time, ornaments, artworks, paintings, and sculptures remain essential to the overall design of the building’s design – both internally and externally. Wherever this design is located, it speaks elegance.

This style is usually characterized by smooth stucco and rounded corners. Most times, this house design makes a bold statement with its bold exterior and well-decorated interior. This design often favors glass blocks, white design, and opaque glass panels. The roofs are generally artistically crafted.

Art deco house designs are well received by art lovers and lovers of a fanciful lifestyle. The sleek scenery gives a striking look that you can’t help but fawn over. This is probably why this design has grown even more popular in recent times since you can’t go wrong with art.


  1. New Formalist House Design

New formalist house design emerged in the United States around the 1950s and blossomed in the 1960s. It reemerged as a newly innovated style in 2018. Ever since then, this style has grown even more popular. The reason is that people favor the design’s aesthetically pleasing classical elements.

Panorama of two-floor apartment with spacious living room with wooden stairs and hardwood floornt

This design is characterized by strict symmetrical elevations, customized building proportions, and toned-down interior structures. The color of both the interior and exterior parts are usually a bit dimmed yet striking.

This house style often makes use of mixtures of natural and human-made construction materials. The design comes detailed, and the walls are usually smooth-surfaces. Formal landscapes are peculiar to this design style. At this kind of home, you can find pools, fountains, sculptures, and fountains, etc.

It’s not surprising that this is one of the trending designs this year. Why? This kind of house design gives the inhabitants comfort, elegance, and sophistication.



Modern house designs have shown people that they can have it all. This is why most classes of people favor them – the celebrities, the middle class, the young generation, youths, the rich, singles, married, etc.

In fact, almost all types of people have a particular style of modern house design that they hold dear and some of these, like the sustainable house design, futuristic house design, art deco house design, are trending this year. So far, modern house designs have proven that they’re here to stay, though they might continue to evolve, with times.

JJ Sterling
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