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The Surprising Benefits of Design Build Construction

Make your next building project spectacular. Here are the surprising benefits of design build construction, and why you should consider it.

Are you considering a construction project for your business? Need a new location or more office space, yet the thought of the construction process has you hesitating.

There are the horror stories of construction taking exponentially longer than expected with budget ballooning and work crews not communicating with you or each other.

Those experiences are enough to give even the most enthusiastic pause. For all these reasons, you should consider using the design build model for your project.

Read on to learn about design-build construction and how it’s a better way to approach your project.

What Is Design Build Construction?

With traditional construction, the customer might have the land. They seek out an architect to draw plans, then seek bids from contractors to build their location. Once they have worked through all the bids, then the whole construction process begins.

You have heard how long construction can take, right?

When you use a design build contractor the whole process is streamlined. Instead of the whole host of designers and contractors, you work with one. They are involved in both the design and construction part of the project.

When Is the Design Build Model Used?

The design-build model allows for the process to be streamlined. Once you hire your design-build contractor, they can begin the design process. They can also start the early stages of construction without having a finalized plan.

It allows for the process to go much more quickly. If you’re on a tight time schedule, this can be an effective time saver.

It also saves separate contractors from having to work around and wait for each other to complete work. All the work is coming from the same source and can be streamlined as much as the construction process will allow.

There are a number of advantages to consider. Let’s take a closer look at some.

Single-Source Management

In this model of construction, you no longer must deal with multiple contractors on their own schedule. You deal with one entity through the whole process.

Budget Management

The budget of your project becomes more manageable with fewer surprises. The budget conversation starts early in the design process. Instead of designing, seeking bids, realizing it’s too much, then needing to go back to the drawing board.

The budget is also under one umbrella, instead of budget issues with multiple contractors.

Enhanced Communication

You won’t need to play phone tag and try to get multiple entities lined up and on the same page. When working with a design-build contract, you have only one contractor to work with and all issues and decisions about your building process go through that contractor.

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Faster & Better Teamwork

The whole process can be streamlined. You won’t be waiting for multiple bids to start scheduling. The organization can start while you are still in the design process.

With the design-build model, everyone has the same goal. There is no finger-pointing between contractors or blame game happening. Everyone on the project has a common goal and that is to complete the project effectively and to make the client happy.

Use the Design Build Model for Your Next Construction Project

Are you convinced by the many merits of design model construction? Consider this method to save time, money, and frustration for your next construction project.

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