To-Do List For Urgent Move Out

May 29, 2020


If you decide to sell your house, then there are several things you need to think about, like how you will sell it and to whom you should sell it. You also need to decide where you will be moving to, and that requires an entire checklist that you should follow. Selling your house can be very hectic. The first step should be to figure out if you are in the financial position to sell and move out of your home. You should check whether you will have to deal with any early payment charges if you break the deal on your current mortgage term. There may be additional fees for the process of porting, and if you decide on moving to a more costly property, then you should be looking at reliable sources to take out a loan to assist you in the expensive move. All of these additional costs paired up with the loss of selling can add up to a very daunting amount, so you should do all the math in advance to avoid any complications during the process. It is always better to get professional advice from an experienced broker, so you can know the exact amount that you will be spending.


An important step is to make your property look presentable and enticing so that you can attract buyers. Make sure that you clean and tidy your property to avoid any unnecessary mess or clutter. This will give buyers an idea of how they will make this blank canvas of a home their own. You should take out the time to mow the lawn, clean the windows or repair things like a broken fence or a squeaky gate. If you think your home requires some significant renovations, then you should not hold back. However, you should not take too long to put your house on the market if you need to sell your house asap; otherwise, you might lose potential buyers to attractive homes that are already up for grabs.

But before you think about selling your house, here are some things you should check off your list regarding moving out.

Pack Smartly

It is essential to have a strategy to pack for your move to avoid clutter and to finish as quickly as possible. You could assign yourself a daily box quota to get some packing done every day without getting too tired. Divide your belongings to finish effectively. It is better to avoid doing all of your packings in one go as you might want to save some energy for unpacking.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Alternatively, you could also hire movers by the hour if you're in a hurry to help you with the parking. This service is optional upon request. However, the downside is it might take longer to move your stuff. Therefore early preparation is key.

Homeowner’s Insurance

The first step would be to take out a new homeowner’s insurance policy for your new home. However, this does not mean the coverage of your existing home discontinues automatically. You may also decide to change your insurance agent or hire more than one, so it is crucial to keep all of your documents organized and available for your agent for the process to run smoothly.

Moving Supplies

It is essential to purchasing all the supplies you will need for packing to avoid unnecessary trips to the market. Some things that you might need to get your hands on include moving boxes. These come in various sizes as well as styles, but the less expensive ones may require more effort to assemble. You might also need to get a few rolls of shipping tape attached to plastic dispensers that will make the whole packing experience smoother. Other essential items include sharpies, box labels, bubble wrap, and newspapers.

Can You Afford To Move?

Moving out can be expensive, so it is essential to think everything through before making a committed decision. Go over your daily bills or weekly costs to check if you have the finances to move.

Imagine Your Life in Your New Home

You can take the time to construct a mental image of your new home to decide where you want to put down the rugs or hang picture frames or paintings to make space your own. You should get unpacked and organized as soon as you reach the new place so it can feel like home and if you have everything planned out beforehand it will be more comfortable, and it will take up less time.

Take Care of Your Utilities

Utilities can be a real hassle during a move-out, you should let your electric, gas, cable, water, and trash companies know of your move to avoid any complications regarding bills. You should give each company details on when and how to discontinue their service or redirect the services and bills to the new place you are moving to. You should cancel the recurring services like your daily magazine subscription or disconnect security alarms. Doing all of these things in advance will avoid complications shortly so you can focus on setting your new home without worrying about utilities.


Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Downsizing is a critical aspect of moving. You do not want to be packing things that you do not need, and you do not want to be taking these unwanted items to your new and clean space. An organized approach would be to take inventory of your belongings like your clothes. If you are moving to a warmer area, it would be smart to put your warm clothes in storage as they will not be needed at the new place. You should go through all your clothes and get rid of old shirts, pants, torn clothes, and shoes or donate the things that are in good shape that you do not need anymore. It is essential to think about furniture as well. Only take furniture that goes with the architecture and design of your new place; otherwise, things will look out of place and unappealing. You can sell some furniture like an old dressing table and use the money to purchase a new or trendier table that goes with the style of your home.



The best approach is to organize all your activities from checking finances to packing to make the process easier. It is also essential to be sure about every move so that you are making an informed decision that will lead to a brighter future.

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