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Top Places to Visit in Nigeria


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Nigeria is a highly-underrated tourist attraction as it has been blessed with some truly amazing landscapes. It’s true that it’s not considered to be one of the safest places to visit, but if you do plan an extravagant holiday, then Nigeria should be your top destination pick for all the reasons you’ll see below.

Nigeria has a tropical climate with savannah regions which means you’ll see less of the benefits of heating lamps and more the benefits of anti-mosquitos sprays.


Olumo Rock

You can find this tourist destination in the Ogun state, close to the city of Abeokuta which in literal translation means “under the rock”, a name that makes perfect sense once you see this beautiful rock formation. The Olumo Rock has been used as a fortress for defense by the people who inhabited the Egba Land for centuries.

In this area, you will find beautiful natural tunnels, strange-but-beautiful looking trees, gardens which grow on rocks, and monuments that attest to this place being used as a ground of worship by humans since ancient times. You simply can’t miss this beautiful area that will stick to your soul forever.


Yankari Game Reserve

Found in the Bauchi State in the North-East part of the country, this is the biggest wildlife retreat in all of Nigeria. Here you can participate in many activities or watch the largest herd of elephants in the entire country. You can go on a pleasant safari tour with a guide and see the lush tropical forests that Nigeria has to offer.

Aside from the iconic elephants, you can also see other animal species of the area such as the antelope, patas monkey or kongonis, all living their best life without human interference. Nearby you can also take a trip to the Wiki Warm Spring which is another great place that you should visit on your trip in Nigeria.


Zuma Rock

This site is found near Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, one of the top tourist attractions of the area. This monolith that seems to bare the face of a human is impressive in its grandeur. The other mountains in the area are at a considerable distance from this inselberg which the Zuma people see as them paying respect to the royal rock.

You can visit the formation all year long, but if you choose to see it during the rainy season (between April and October), you could see the famous Zuma Rock Fire. During this period, the tip of the mountain is said to catch fire because of the heavy rainfall which surely would make for a great spectacle.


Kajuru Castle

You can find this late XXth century building in the Kaduna state. It was built in a medieval-Germany style and has bedrooms that are meant to resemble dungeons. What’s even more impressive is the portcullis which is the famous type of gate that closes vertically and which has a crocodile pit underneath it.

Nigeria is a country with many sights to be seen and if you just know how to be careful, then you will surely have the time of your life.


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