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Types Of Weber Grill Cover Available For You To Try Out Any One

It is really hard to deny the beauty and promising taste of grilled food items. That charcoal or smoky flavor will enhance the taste of basic items to an epitome of flavorsome options. So, no wonder people are getting more and more into grills these days. However, just like the grills, you better watch out for the covers to go with it, as you aren’t using the machines on a daily basis. The use of a grill will come out only when you have guests over for a barbeque party! Apart from that, you have to cover the grill when not in use. No need to look any further when you have weber grill cover by your side.

Now, the main question is which one to choose from the house of Weber, especially with so many options. Well, let’s get into some of the best ones first.

7130 Weber Genesis II:

This grill cover is perfect for fitting not just the Genesis II 3 burner but for any model falling under Genesis 300 series. Even though the price is a bit towards the higher call, this one proven polyester is good to buy and for so many reasons.

  • It can easily last for several seasons and will make your grill look good.
  • Moreover, investing in such a cover will not just provide your grill with the perfect fit but will help you get the commitment that you want from top-quality product.
  • The cover is rather sleek and elegant to look at and will safeguard grill from various harmful elements.
  • There are some straps available with the grill cover for that intact coverage. So, no need to check the cover daily to see if it is covering the machine completely or not.

Weber 7107 Grill Cover:

If you want to get a grill with storage bag, Weber 7107 Grill Cover is perfect for you. It is a great product for all your Genesis gas based grills out there in the market.

  • Also made using polyester fabric, this item is light in weight and perfect for maintaining integrity in various environments.
  • The items are form fitted in nature and associated with Velcro straps. It helps in ensuring extra-snug fit to it.
  • Moreover, you have the integrated storage pouch too, which is hidden right inside the cover and not quite visible whenever the grill remains covered.
  • The items are UV resistant in nature, come with Velcro straps for securing grill and prevent the cover from blowing away.

Weber 7108 Summit 400 Series:

Another interesting one in the list to add is the Weber 7108 Summit, perfect for covering the 400 Series of grills, under 420, 460 and 470. The covers are pretty thin and not as heavy as its other models. The old vinyl cover has been re-designed for making it lighter and crack resistant. So, the final result is not just light in weight but also durable.

These are some of the best grill covers from the house of Weber for you to try out. Check out the options now and then you should get whichever one seems to be the most promising choice to consider.

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