Ways You Can Incorporate Large Aquariums In Your Home Design

May 17, 2020

When we are moving into a new home or looking to spruce up the one we already have some tend to jump right to getting new furniture. Did you know that adding an aquarium to your home adds an aesthetic that is beautiful, soothing, and a conversation piece?. Those of us who have tanks know how they are as much fun to watch as the television, if not more. 

Here are a few ways you can add an aquarium to your home to give it a whole new look. 

Room Divider

If you have a room in your home that is large or a huge room that combines two or more uses like a living room/dining room combo or a studio apartment then placing an aquarium with aqua illumination led lights in the middle of the room as a divider is a wonderful way to add a talking piece to your decor. 

To do this it would be best if you had an outlet source directly on the floor or use a filtration system that doesn’t require electricity like this one at Tankarium. An added advantage for the fish is that every side of their tank will give them a good view all around as opposed to a wall. 

As a Focal Point

Like a great piece of art, an aquarium can be set up to be the center of attention in the room you are choosing to put it. While there are dominant aspects to every room, like the bed in a bedroom, a focal point should be “noticed after the element with the most dominance.

You want your focal point to grab the attention of anyone that walks into the room. Focal points can be created by color, scale, framing, isolation, and pointing. There are several examples in this list of how to make your tank the focal point of any room. 

On a Bookshelf

You may have just purchased a new bookshelf or a new home that has shelving units built right into the structure of the home. When it comes to large aquariums you will need to make sure the shelving unit you plan on using is sturdy enough to hold all the weight that comes with a tank, water, fish, pebbles, plants, and other nick nacks. 

In The Bathroom

If you have the space for it in your water room keeping fish in there would be a definite eye-catcher. The fact that so much water is used and the bathroom it almost seems natural to keep an aquarium there if you have the space to spare. A colorful tank against a white tile wall would be gorgeous. 

As a Table

What about putting your tank on the floor where you can be around it all the time? There is a tone of options out there if you are interested in having your coffee table be a large fish tank. A quick internet search can lead to instructions on how to make one if you are the handy type. Or you can just purchase one from a manufacturer if DIY projects aren’t your thing. 

In The Center of the Room

This is almost the same idea as the coffee table but there are circular and even pillar-like tanks available that will allow you to put your fish in the center of any room without resting your coffee or beer on them when you're sitting down to relax. Putting your tank in the middle of your space creates that focal point look we spoke about earlier. 

In The Hallway

Hallways allow privacy while connecting rooms for us and our guests, who might find themselves there when they are headed to use the bathroom. This is a wonderful time for them to stop and take a look at your tank. There are ways to put the aquarium inside the wall or you can use our bookshelf idea in this area of your home. 

At The Bottom of the Stairway

What would be lovelier to see every morning when you head down your stairs than the schools of fish you are keeping swim from one end of the tank to the other? Not much. This idea works well with modern stairs and open spaces. If money is no object you can hire someone to build a space in your wall to store your tank so you can see it as you walk down the stairs. 

In Your Headboard

Headboard tanks are nothing new and it seems that people love waking up to see the coral and their swimming friends. This is another project that can be found with a quick internet search or purchased from a professional if you don’t feel like making one. 


The bottom line is, if you want to incorporate a tank into your life you will make the space to do so. Remember that the less you have in that room the more the tank will stand out. We do recommend doing your research before starting any huge project that involves living creatures. Creating these ideas will take time and money so you want to do it correctly the first time. 

Besides, having a tank is relaxing and beneficial in more ways than you might realize.

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