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Why A Modern Home Builder Should Try A Scandinavian Design

For the modern home builder, nothing provides more functionality, durability, and simplicity than Scandinavian modern home designs. Though this popular style has become a building block of contemporary interiors, its seeds were first sowed in 1950.

Since then it’s undergone rapid changes and yet retained the same original characteristics. Its clean and sleek furnishings and multi-use spaces are simplistic, alluring, and accessible at the same time.

It’s important to mention here that Scandinavian design elements have this impressive jack-of-all-trades capability. They can complement a wide range of cultural styles, from Afghani rugs to Chinese decorative arts, and enhance them with the same minimalism and invitingness they’re known for.

Many modern home builders, like Sustainable 9, are starting to bridge the gap between the old and new worlds. So, how does the Scandinavian design give this special flavor when used by modern home builders?

In this article, we will explore this in-depth.

Why You Should Incorporate Scandinavian Designs In Your New Home

1.      Brings You One With Nature

Scandinavian countries (Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and Denmark) have similar weather, with small variations. These nations share summers with plentiful sunlight, winters that have long and dark nights, and springs that are tepid and moderate.

In conditions like these, you have to give precedence to neat lines and durable foundations over flashy design elements. This is why Scandinavians are famous for designing homes that are one with the environment. In these countries, you’ll find homes that blend effortlessly with nature.

This kind of architectural mindset is what should inspire your new modern home build. It doesn’t compromise your home’s natural appeal, nor does it make it uncomfortable to survive in. It provides the perfect balance.

2.      Muted Colors Enhances Creativity

As we’ve already mentioned, Scandinavia has long dark winters. Because of this homes are kept excessively white to promote brightness. Bold colors can make space dim, dark, and incoherent. This is why it’s rare to see a bold colored interior in these countries. The benefits of white interiors, however, allows you to bring color through your furniture and decorations. This is great if you want to express yourself through your home.

3.      Gives You Space When Building Small

Traditionally, Scandinavian homes weren’t that spacious, and couldn’t accommodate a lot of items. Even though times have changed and people are making massive homes, the importance of Scandinavian minimalism still hasn’t died down. It provides spaces with a neat and clean look and has this amazing ability to unnerve anyone who walks in them.

4.      Allows You To Use Natural Materials

The Scandinavian design is great for builders who enjoy using natural materials but want to pull off that modern look. Wood is the most popular choice for this design and often makes its way onto the flooring, wood slats, and other architectural elements.

It’s also sometimes used as a decorative piece, in the form of wooden toys. Often designers use light woods like ash and pine which are easy on the eyes and promote a bright aesthetic.

For enhancing the wood, especially around the exterior of the home, greenery such as fragrant roses or chrysanthemums are a great choice to bring a modern relaxed feel to your  Scandinavian home. Other ways to complement the wood within your home include:

●       Contrasting with warm neutral-colored furniture.

●       Add a mixture of large and small decorative pieces that give a minimal feel but enhances the living space.

  • A patterned neutral colored rug under your furniture to help enhance the wood grains.

5.     Enhances Coziness

Scandinavian design is, in its essence, a minimalist design, which gives off a very cozy and welcoming vibe to your interior. It only employs the use of essential multipurpose furniture like an ottoman cum chair and table, which makes the best use of your spaces and gives them a roomy and unnerving feel. Family gatherings and dinner dates thrive as a result. Bonding with your people becomes a natural give-and-go.

This style also provides the benefit of saving bucket loads on expensive furniture. Due to its minimalist nature, it’s excellent for homes that can’t accommodate a lot of stuff because they don’t have enough real estate. This also has the advantage of significantly reducing your cleaning time, which makes your life a lot easier.


Bottom line whether your home is undergoing renovations, or is being raised from the ground up, Scandinavian designs are a perfect home improvement idea. They provide you with the appearance of the modern home, and the minimalism and comfort of a time gone by. Are you ready to add a Scandinavian touch to your home?

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