4 Tips for Increasing Your Home's Curb Appeal

June 16, 2020


If you're thinking about selling your home yourself, there are a few things you should do before publishing your listing online or posting those big, red "For Sale" signs everywhere. The first thing? Upgrading your home's curb appeal.


Think about it: The first thing buyers will see is your yard. And if your curb appeal is non-existent, you might as well say "goodbye" to any potential buyers. You’ll want to make sure your house presents itself as well as you would if you were showing up for a big job interview; clean, polished, and inviting. Here are a few outdoor services you might not have considered that can help you out tremendously.


Keep your yard spic and span.


When was the last time you really gave your front yard some love? Sure you’ve probably pulled some weeds and maybe clipped a few shrubs, but there are some projects that really do require proper professionals. It’s recommended that you bring in the pros when dealing with things like making healthier grass, caring for trees, hardscaping, and enhancing your landscape.


There’s a lot of biological knowledge that goes into keeping your trees and grass healthy. If they’ve fallen into disrepair, don’t just assume you’ll be able to guess and check to improve their health. There’s someone whose job it is to know how to fix these things. It will be well worth the money and could give the front of your house the facelift it needs. Before those professionals arrive, call a different kind of yard professional for residential pet waste removal.



Make sure your siding isn’t getting the side-eye.


If you’re not entirely happy with your siding, it may be time to switch things up. Depending on the state that the siding is in, you might need to have it replaced entirely. If it’s falling apart or cracked, your siding is no longer protecting the internal structure of your house. At this point, the fix is no longer cosmetic and will definitely need an experienced outdoor service team to take a look. Even if your siding is still in good working order, if you’re planning on power washing the exterior of your home, you need to at least consult experts.


Power washing seems simple, but there are a lot of do’s and don’ts. For example, don’t use a power washer on any painted surface that you want to remain painted and avoid spraying mortar on an old building because it could damage it. If you’re not sure whether you have lead paint on your building, it’s a good idea to hire professionals. They’ll be able to identify the lead paint and help you find someone to properly remove it from your premises.



Invest in shrubbery.


When inexperienced people try picking their own plants and shrubbery, they usually go off of what will be aesthetically pleasing, instead of what kind of plant will thrive in the given environment. Shrubs and flowers can add up to be quite expensive, so you’ll want to pick greenery that will remain healthy for years right off the bat. Even if it’s just a matter of truly consulting a worker at your local garden center, you’ll be grateful when your plants thrive.



Make the door a focal point.


Putting a little time into the place where you cross the threshold from exterior to the interior can create the façade you’ve always dreamed of. It can be as simple as finding a bright colored door that works with the rest of the colors of your exterior. Making the door the focal point will draw the eye to the pivotal area of your house.


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