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5 Home Decor Tricks to Brighten a Dark Room


The entry of natural light inside a house is always a major consideration for the builders. However, in certain cases, we might come across houses where there is no abundance of natural light. 


However, it is not always possible that you might get the perfect house of your dreams with all the entry of proper sunlight and wind. At times you might come across spaces that need light as well, while there might be a few spaces that lack the overall entry of light, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stay in such rooms without mending it. As most houses do have such a room, it is no big deal to improving the brightness inside. While you can always go for a total renovation of the house, it cannot always be happening. 


Apart from drilling a hole in your pocket, you could give a hand to some tried and tested ways on increasing the brightness inside a dark room.



A well-lit space greets the guests and residents of the house with a nature of comfort, improving the overall wellbeing. A bright, airy home can also help in manipulating your mood and lower your stress level. Given below are few home decor tricks to brighten a dark room.



1. Blend with White: Opting for a neutral hue of colors to your wall will never do any harm. When trying to add some light into a dark space, white paint is one of the best reflectors that could ever be used. Due to its nature of scattering the rays of light and not absorbing them, it gives away the maximum light. 


Bedding is typically light in color if its not white so you are usually left with blending together the shades of white with your bedding in a bedroom space, view cheap king size bedding.


So, one of the foremost things for you to consider is going white. Lastly, you can also consider adding other white elements such as white art or frames, furniture, curtains, and bedding.



2. Consider adding more lights: Another excellent way to improve the amount of light inside your room is to set more lights in the decor. Due to the numerous types of lights present in the market, you could consider experimenting with your needs. You could go for anything between under-cabinet to panel lighting, based on the requirements of natural lighting in your rooms. 


3. Add Mirrors for added dimension: Mirrors are known to provide similar effects as the white paint. Due to their nature of scattering the lights when it falls on their surface, mirrors are an on the go option to brighten a dark room. Moreover, owing to their numerous shapes and sizes, they also add to the beauty of the house.



4. Opt for a colorful rug: If by any chance you have selected a darker theme for the floors or laminates, it can be real trouble for you as they are known to drain the lights. Due to their nature of absorbing lights falling over them, they don’t add to the overall light inside the room. Adding a bright, colorful rug might do the trick for you as it adds on to the brightness of the room. 



5. Go for dark hues: It might sound contradicting but you can also add brightness to your room by going for contrast settings. The idea is simple, when we put a darker shade over a lighter hue, it creates a contrast, making it look more elegant and thereby improving the balance of light. 


Therefore, while designing your house, you can consider the option of adding lighter or darker shades, based on the contrasts you want to go with. Lastly, dark themes and blue ones are fun and on a trend that will increase the brightness without giving you a solid tone. 


Now that you have come across the various tips and tricks to increase the amount of light that enters the room, you can surely look around for experimentation. The amount of natural light entering the room is also necessary as it works for killing the bacteria inside the room.


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