6 Unique DIY Storage Ideas to Keep Your Stuff Organized

June 16, 2020


Ready to give your home a Marie Kondo makeover? Without an efficient storage and organization plan, it’s easy for clutter to get out of hand. We don’t always realize how much stuff we’ve accumulated until the task of organizing a messy living space feels too big to tackle.


Luckily, there are lots of ways to store your stuff without having to invest in expensive containers or drawer inserts. We’ve put together a list of DIY storage ideas to help you keep your stuff organized and easy to find.


If you’re ready to tackle unruly toiletries, organize your closet, or declutter your bedroom, then check out these simple, life-saving storage hacks.


1.   Fabric Covered Cardboard Boxes


One of the easiest ways to create effective home storage that’s also aesthetically pleasing is by covering old cardboard boxes with patterned fabric. Instead of purchasing storage bins from a home design store, you can easily make your own by upcycling unused boxes and adding fabric accents.


These storage boxes can be stacked in closet shelves or displayed in the open as a beautiful decor piece that happens to serve a practical purpose. Not only can you easily access your stuff, but you can do so without detracting from the overall aesthetics of your living space.

Fabric boxes are also a great way to store all your crafting tools like paint supplies, stationery and crochet hooks. And if you are more into crocheting, you can also visit Most Craft and learn more about crochet hooks.


2. Cork Board Hanging Storage

Hanging your belongings instead of stacking them or placing them in drawers is a fantastic way to maximize a small space. Instead of nailing or screwing hangars directly into your walls, using simple tacks and a corkboard.

While this may not work for heavier items like jackets and bags, it’s a wonderful way to hang jewelry, hats, and other small accessories. Not only will this add an element of texture and interest to your room, but it also enables you to see all of your accessories at once.

If the plain brown cork doesn’t suit your taste, you can always cover the board in fabric to hang all your little odds and ends with style.


3.   Stand Alone Clothing Rack

If you’re living in a studio apartment without a bedroom closet, or you simply don’t have space left in your tiny closet, consider using a freestanding clothing rack. There are lots of different DIY tutorials made for a variety of skill levels ranging from nailing a simple wooden rod to the wall, to welding a rack from copper pipes.

This unique storage solution is chic and affordable. It also keeps all of your stuff visible and out in the open, so you can easily keep track of what clothes you have and donate old belongings when they no longer spark joy.


4.   PVS Clothing Storage

Another way to keep your clothing organized and visible is with PVC pipes. This DIY project involves cutting PVC pipe into smaller segments that are short enough to fit into drawers and shelving units.

This is a great storage solution for clothing items like underwear, shoes, or t-shirts. The PVC dividers help to keep clothes organized, separated, and highly visible, helping you conserve space and fend off clutter. You can see where everything is instantly and grab what you need without having to root through all of your stuff.

Place the pipes side by side in a drawer, or stack them horizontally on a shelf using pipe glue. You can even paint the pipes in different colors or a monochrome palette to make them more aesthetically pleasing.


5.   Shoe Box Cord Holder

A shoe box cord organizer is a fantastic way to put together an electronics charging station without spending a lot of money. Begin by placing a surge protector in an empty, shallow shoe box. Cut circular holes in the side of the box, making sure to locate each hole roughly parallel to each charging port in the surge protector.

You can now decorate the shoe box with fabric and reinforce the holes using metal grommets or rings. When you’ve finished, you can plug each of your chargers into the ports and thread the cords through the holes. Use washi tape to label the different cords and you can now keep your devices organized while you charge them.


6.   Tissue Box Organizer Inserts

Drawer inserts are a really effective way to keep your clothes, accessories, office and craft supplies neatly organized. Unfortunately, they can be surprisingly expensive when bought at a home decor store.

Luckily, you can easily make your own organizer inserts using empty tissue or cereal boxes. Arrange the boxes in an empty drawer, doing your best to fill the space. Cut the tops of the boxes to fit in the drawer, and then cover them with colorful scrapbook paper. If you want to make the boxes smaller, you can add cardboard dividers.

This simple DIY storage project is also a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise boring drawer.



Decluttering and keeping your stuff organized doesn’t have to be hard. With these 6 unique DIY storage ideas, you can easily organize your belongings and store them in style.


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