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7 Easy Landscaping Ideas For Front Of House


While it is nothing to deny that none of us actually like the front of our houses barren, it is also not always easy to do the same. Landscaping adds a natural touch to the front of our houses, imparting a neat and attractive look to it. 


The beauty of the landscaping is that it allows you creative freedom, allowing you to be as creative as you like. With the right knowledge and skills, you might be able to completely redesign and renovate your home, turning your dreams to reality.



Considering the fact that landscaping adds to the overall beauty of the house, it also increases its value. Discussed below are some of the most effective and ingenious ideas to help you with landscaping the front of your house.


1. Opt for grass patches and flower beds: Probably the most common and creative idea, you can go for covering the barren lands with well-trimmed grass patches and equally colorful flower beds. This idea might help you present yourself with a beautiful home and natural garden design in the front yard. With your own choice of shrubs and different flowers, you can make the walk away colorful and relaxing. Moreover, you can also arrange the flowerbeds in patterns along with installing the canopy for maximum impact.


2. Keep it simple with tiles and flowers: A simple idea for a creative walkway. You can add to the overall landscaped look by keeping an ideal layer of well-trimmed grass around the walkaway. Additionally, you can also add a bunch of flowers in order to make it colorful. Additionally, you can also design the pathway that weaves through your lush yard with stones. It is quite attractive due to its easy formation.



3. Get creative with small pebbles of unique shape and sizes: Aside from adding bits and pieces of your favorite plants and flowers, you can also consider the option of adding gravel mist or river rocks of various shapes. These rocks add some texture to your landscaping and give it a bit of a deserted look. Additionally, you can also provide a highlight to your design by potting various plants in the backdrop along with a metal lawn garden edge. This idea is something that provides some classy desert vibes to your front yard.


4. Get creative by hiding your AC unit: The AC units outside the front of your house do not always leave a pleasant remark on your guests. You can also get creative at this section, to provide a more natural and creative look to your landscaping idea, consider covering the unit by some wooden cover or maybe try to hide it by planting busher in or around the unit.



5. Get symmetrical with your designs: If you don’t have enough time to groom your front yard all year round then you can just keep it simple. Also, the examination can be done reclaimed pallet wood so that two points of your backyard can be connected. Moreover, you can edit the bushes to provide your area with greenery to provide contrast. The potted plants and the green grass provides freshness, especially during the warmer months.  


6. Create an artificial pond: A bit expensive idea but worth the try. You can go with the option of creating an artificial pond around the most part of your garden. The creation of an artificial pond might give you the possibility of laying fishes in them and line the pond with decorative stones and plants. Lastly, these artificial ponds can also be used to grow water-based plants like a lotus.



7. Get creative with outdoor lamps and lights: An option if you like to spend your time at the front portion of your house in the evenings. You can go with the option of placing land-based lamps to create an illuminated environment around your lawn at night. By laying the correct theme of light around your garden, you might get the best of results.



Picking the right landscaping ideas for you is important. This enhances the look of your lawn and can lift your spirits, as well. I hope the listed ideas help you make the most out of your lawn. If you’re looking for landscapers in Orange County, CA, OC Landscaping Pros is always here to assist.


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