7 Powerful Strategies for How to Market a Construction Company

June 17, 2020

While most construction companies have seen good years over the last decade or so thanks to a strong economy, new global financial challenges will likely pose threats to the industry. Suggestions have been made that requests for new commercial construction work are going to be down into the foreseeable future as companies continue to adopt technology that enables their workforces to operate remotely.

To combat that trend, it's integral to learn how to market a construction company effectively so you can claim your share of today's consumer base.

Below, we've shared what we feel are the seven most important marketing tips that your team should commit to memory so you can give yourselves the best odds of succeeding in today's market.

  1. Make Your Contact Information a Focal Point

Marketing materials that don't clearly communicate how people can get in touch with you are not effective. This is particularly true in the construction trade, as many consumers are still keen on calling teams to get quotes and initiate conversations.

To facilitate contact with those that come across your marketing efforts, ensure that your phone number, email address, and website are all very easy to find and read anywhere you're advertising. Doing so is easy and will improve your conversions.

  1. Claim Your Google My Business Page

If you don't already have your Google My Business page, get yours claimed.

Billions of people use Google every day and many of them are seeking out local service providers. If your company isn't listed when somebody searches for "construction services" in your area, you can be sure that you'll lose out on a ton of earning opportunities.

Having a Google my Business page is free and the creation process takes about 15 minutes.

  1. Learn How to Target Your Ads Effectively

Pay per click ads are a bit of a beast to learn but once you get proficient at them, you'll be glad you did. Whether you're advertising on Google or Facebook, sophisticated ad platforms will offer you several targeting tools that will help you ensure you're connecting with an audience that's likely to buy.

Learn how to use those targeting tools after you've become familiar with who your ideal customer is. By targeting the right audiences with your paid marketing campaigns, your dollars will stretch further.

  1. Your Website Should Reflect Your Professionalism

We'll assume that your construction company already has a website (if it doesn't, click here to learn about WordPress and get building). What you'll want to make sure of is that the website you currently manage reflects the quality of your services.

We've seen several excellent construction companies sport websites that look like they were made in the late '90s. That look leaves an impression on consumers that will lead them to believe your work is antiquated and sloppy.

Get your website on par with today's standards and ensure that your pages all help move customers towards taking the action of calling for a quote.

When looking at WordPress vs Shopify, we can’t ignore the wealth of available themes and plugins. Whatever functionality you want your website to have, you’ll find a WordPress plugin for it and a unique WordPress theme for local businesses to make your website different from everybody else’s.

  1. Start Leveraging Video

Video is progressively becoming internet user's preferred means of taking in information. Look no further than the fact that millions of hours worth of content are consumed every day on just YouTube.

To engage consumers where they feel most comfortable, your business must add video to its how to market a construction company strategy.

Videos you share could be testimonials or brief ads that describe what makes your company different and why consumers should choose you. The sky is the limit with video so hire a production company or pick up a camera yourself and start shooting.

  1. Look to Past Business

The easiest customer to acquire is one that you've already worked with. That's why companies spend significant portions of their marketing budgets trying to re-engage former customers.

Re-engaging customers can be done by having the people you work with join your email list. Then, later, you can loop around with them to see if they need more work done. You can also hop on the phone, check-in with customers to make sure they're enjoying the project you did for them and remind them that you're available.

  1. Become an Influencer

Sharing your knowledge of construction with the world can be a great way to build trust and gain customers. This can be done as part of your video strategy or can be executed in writing by investing in the creation of an informational blog.

The more people start to rely on you to learn how to deal with little construction issues they're having or DIY projects they want to tackle, the more inclined they'll be to invest in your services should they need something more difficult done.

As you gain popularity online, amplify it by using this press release company or similar organizations to start drumming up media interest in your business. With that momentum, you may find yourself achieving "guru" status which will go a long way for your company.

Use Our How to Market a Construction Company Tips to Build Your Business

Now that you've taken in our how to market a construction company tips, make it a point to use what you've learned to start building your business today.

As we mentioned, the road ahead for construction professionals is likely to be a difficult one. The faster you can start gaining your footing in today's market, the better chances you'll give yourself of weathering the storm.

Do you need more guidance on marketing or business? If you do, check out the newest content we have available in our digital publication.

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