A Look At The Latest Design Trends Sweeping the U.S.

June 22, 2020

Over 6 million people in the U.S. and Canada begin their home search each month, during which they view an average of 19 homes, PR Newswire reports. In recent years, home design has become about much more than just good aesthetics. In this modern age, people are increasingly looking for beautiful homes that better suit their lifestyles, reflect their values, and allow for greater familial connection. As such, home building trends across the U.S. are changing to meet these needs.

Open floor plans

While traditional exterior styles remain popular, homeowners are currently looking for more modern interior designs, home builders in Delaware report. Open floor plans eliminate the traditional kitchen, dining room, and living room in favor of a single, large, multi-purpose space. As family’s are increasingly looking for homes designed around their lifestyles, open floor plans are now highly sought after. Open floor plans are more practical and result in more usable space since narrow hallways and small, wasted rooms are eradicated. With a center island kitchen, open family room, and casual dining area, families are left with plenty of space to spend time with each other and entertain guests. Open floor plans also typically feature an abundance of large glass windows and lift-and-slide doors that easily open up to the backyard to bring the outdoors in.

Sustainable building methods

Environmental concerns, health benefits, and energy savings are the main reasons why homeowners are now looking for certifiably-green homes. In California, in particular, the Title 24 solar mandate implemented this year requires all new homes to have solar panels. Promising huge energy savings, solar panels can generate energy to power homes even when the weather’s cloudy. Additionally, homeowners are attracted by the opportunity to earn tax credits and rebates with solar panels — energy credits generated can be sold to the energy company, providing an impressive return on investment. Moreover, Zero Net Energy homes go a step further by producing exactly as much energy as they consume. Built with energy-efficient insulation, heating, and ventilation systems, as well as solar panels, these homes eliminate all unnecessary energy use and waste.

Indoor/outdoor bathrooms

Indoor/outdoor master bathrooms are a recent trend hitting sunnier states like California, Texas, and Florida. These designs consist of indoor bathrooms opening directly to the backyard to let the fresh outdoor air in and create a peaceful, spa-like ambience They’re a luxurious home addition that makes the most of available livable space, adds financial value, and makes small bathrooms look and feel larger. The most modest designs feature an outdoor shower or tub, which are affordable yet luxurious options. Fencing, walls, tropical plants, tall grass, and rocks are used to provide privacy from neighbors.

As the wants and needs of modern homeowners continue to evolve, design trends across the United States are changing in accordance. Open floor plans, sustainable building methods, and indoor/outdoor bathrooms are some of the most exciting features people are looking for in their new homes.


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