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Are Handmade Kitchens Actually Any Better Than Mass-Produced Kitchen?

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The heart is to the body, what the kitchen is to the home. The importance of the kitchen in a home can’t be overemphasized. This is why a lot of people take their kitchen seriously and would go to any length to make it comfortable.


Beautiful kitchen in new traditional style luxury home, with quartz counters, hardwood floors, and stainless steel appliances


There are majorly two categories of a kitchen: there’s the handmade kitchen, which is also called the bespoke kitchen; and the mass-produced kitchen, also known as the customary kitchen. Read on to know the differences between the two of them and if one is better than the other.


The Handmade Kitchen vs. The Mass-produced kitchen


The handmade kitchen, commonly referred to as the bespoke kitchen, simply means a kitchen that speaks for itself. The handmade kitchen is carefully crafted, and the materials are handpicked to suit your taste.


On the other hand, the mass-produced kitchen is the type of kitchen where the materials used are factory-produced en-masse. For instance, the cabinets in such a kitchen come in a standard size – ranging from 18, 24, 30, 36 inches, etc.


Determining which is better between the two is dependent on several factors, such as:


  1. The Quality


Without any doubt, the quality of materials invested in both the handmade kitchen and the mass-produced kitchen will differ. While one focuses on quality, the other focuses on the quantity produced.


The handmade kitchen is specifically known to be of higher and more durable quality than the mass-produced kitchen. The furniture used is made from top-quality woods, like oak woods and the Birchwood. These woods not only stand the test of time, but they also speak class and elegance. Visit Anglia Kitchens and bedrooms to see stunning handmade kitchens.


This is quite different from the mass-produced kitchen, where even though the woods used could also be made from quality woods, the manufacturers are, however, keener on the numbers of furniture each wood can produce.


So, if you are looking for a classy, high-quality kitchen in your home, a handmade kitchen is your best choice.


  1. Your Personality


Essentially, your kitchen is the direct reflection of who you are. This means that your kitchen speaks a lot about your personality. Most mass-produced kitchens don’t do justice to reflecting your personality.


The kitchen accessories, furniture, and tools used in the making of the kitchen are already fixed, and nothing much can be changed to reflect your personality and style.


However, with a handmade kitchen, you have the luxury of bringing your personality out to play. You get to choose the color, the size, and even the shapes. You also get to decide the layout of the kitchen, which further reflects your personality.


As a bubbling sanguine, you can give your kitchen design a bright yellow theme. As a strong choleric, you can choose the hot red. As the cool phlegmatic, the blue theme could be just what you need. And, as the analytical clear-headed melancholic, you may want to choose a beige themed kitchen.


Whoever you are, the handmade kitchen has limitless possibilities in giving expression to your personality better than the mass-produced kitchen.


Stylish interior of modern kitchen


  1. Home Value


A lot of people plan to resell their homes after some years. This could be because they want to move to another city or because they want to move to a bigger house.


To have a good sale, they do a lot of things to improve the look of their house, increasing the property’s value. One of the things most people are not aware of is that their kitchen can either increase or decrease the value of their house.


While a mass-produced kitchen may not add any significant value to your house, a handmade kitchen will make your home stand out to any potential buyer.


The elegance and sophistication that accompanies a handmade kitchen exponentially increases the value of your house and make the sale easier and faster. It also ensures that you’re offered a good sum for your home.


Therefore, if you’re considering selling your house anytime in the future, then a handmade kitchen is a worthy investment.


  1. The Cost


Whether you’re planning a handmade kitchen or a mass-produced one, it’s important to consider the price. Because handmade kitchens are highly customized, they’re more expensive than the mass-produced kitchen. However, it’ll be a reassurance that whatever amount spent on the handmade kitchen, it’s always a worthy investment.


Nonetheless, if you can’t afford a handmade kitchen, you can easily get a mass-produced kitchen within your budget. After all, both serve the same functional purpose.




The mass-produced kitchen is the conventional type of kitchen, and they’re not bad if you just want the regular kitchen. However, if you long for a highly customized kitchen that speaks style and sophistication, then the handmade kitchen is your best bet.


A handmade kitchen can be made to your specifications and also offers more in terms of quality and design.


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