Cook in Style! 7 Kitchen Upgrades to Implement in 2020

June 26, 2020


Want to give your kitchen a makeover? Your kitchen deserves it. Check out these amazing kitchen upgrade ideas for some inspiration.


A mid-level kitchen remodel can cost between $50,000 and $75,000. That's if you want to do it all at once. You don't have to spend that much money to upgrade your kitchen.

Give your kitchen a makeover? Read on to learn about these amazing kitchen upgrade ideas for some inspiration.


Make a Change

The beauty of a kitchen remodel is that you get to change everything at once. The problem is that it's expensive. That's fine if you can afford it.

These ideas can be implemented piecemeal or as part of a whole kitchen remodel. Even individually, they can give your kitchen a new look and give you more functionality.


1. Splash Out on Tiles

A simple upgrade to your kitchen food preparation area is to change the wall. A new backsplash using tiles can create a completely new appearance. Chose bright easy clean tiles.

The tiles are a long-lasting solution to what to put on the walls of your kitchen. Choose from a huge range of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. Make them complement your countertops for a coordinated look.


2. Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you have a big enough kitchen, placing an island, even a small one, in the center of your kitchen is a great idea. Use it to prepare food, to dine at, as a bar, or even a place for the kids to do their homework while you cook.

Before designing the kitchen island, think of your family’s interests and traditions. For example, if you enjoy your family gatherings in the evenings, you should make the kitchen island suitable for them. Using different decorative items and accessories will help you make the place look cozier. You can get new tableware and cups with a matching design, such as Viva Scandinavia tea-ware to get more excited about this fun family cath-up time.

An island can incorporate a sink, cooker, other appliances, and storage. It can also be little more than a countertop. Use materials that complement the rest of your kitchen to make it integrate effectively with the whole room's look and feel.


3. Shelf Upgrade

The kitchen always needs storage space. The latest fashion in shelf storage is to open the shelves up.

Don't hide your expensive kitchen gadgets and tableware inside cupboards. Have them displayed on open shelves.

The downside of this style is that you have to keep things tidy. It does make everything very easy to find. Also, everything is accessible.


4. Appliance Review

Have you checked out the latest kitchen appliances? How old are your appliances?

The latest appliances have many more functions than earlier models. There are even appliances available that were unheard of just a few years ago.

How have you been managing to cook without an automatic pan stirrer, sous vide cooker or a touch screen operated toaster? The touch screen toaster also senses when your bagels or English muffins reach their perfect level of toasting.

The larger, more conventional appliances are now more energy efficient. Many can be integrated into your home technology with apps you operate from your smartphone.


5. Floor to Ceiling

The floor of your kitchen can often be revamped without changing much else in your kitchen. Explore different materials, colors, and textures. The traditional feel of warm hardwood flooring might appeal but don't dismiss wood effects in vinyl or ceramic tiles.

Just as the floor can be a change you make without affecting the rest of the kitchen, so the ceiling can be changed. In some kitchens, you can lower the ceiling and installing recessed lighting.

Be creative with lighting. If you are changing the ceiling it's an opportunity to include a mix of spotlights and more diffuse lighting. That way you can highlight some parts of the kitchen and be more mood-enhancing in other areas.

Try a low lamb shade over a tabletop but spotlights on your countertop. Internal lights in your glass-fronted cupboards can help show off the glassware inside. Lighting set under wall mounted cupboards can flood the walls with light in ever-changing shades.


6. Tiny Touches

A big transformation might be exciting but even little changes can be great fun. Create a new look by introducing color-coordinated countertop appliances. A mixer, toaster, and scales in primary colors are striking statements and much cheaper than a kitchen redesign.

Try a new set of mugs, a fruit bowl, and some glassware. They can be fun, freaky, or classy. Keep ringing the changes for an inexpensive fresh feel.

Do you have a collection of recipe books? Have them on display in your kitchen. They're usually colorful and displaying them means they're at hand when you need them and re-enforce your kitchen goddess credibility.


7. Farmhouse Kitchen or Shaker Look

A kitchen upgrade could be an opportunity to make a statement. Go for a recognized or classic kitchen style.

A farmhouse kitchen is always a reliable and long-standing favorite kitchen style. Choose traditional materials and features.

A farmhouse kitchen generally has plenty of natural wood. An apron front farm sink, copper backsplash, and butcher blocks feature strongly. Have tableware that is in keeping and breakout grandma's apron for authenticity.

Shaker-style kitchens are equally strong on heritage but a little less cluttered. Natural materials predominate again but it's rush seats, painted wood, and simple utility.

Be careful not to be too eclectic in your kitchen design decisions. The farmhouse look doesn't work well with minimalist steel and smoked glass. Be clear on your design style and embrace it fully.

The one exception to this is the use of kitchen appliances. Modern appliances have to be incorporated into the traditional kitchen but consider hiding appliances behind doors only to be revealed when used.


Inspirational Kitchen Upgrade Ideas

No matter what kind of kitchen you have now, these kitchen upgrade ideas can inspire you to be creative. Start small or go for the full remodel. Your kitchen is a canvass on which you can express yourself.


Browse this website for more home improvement ideas.


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