June 8, 2020


As we look around, we have come a long way from early times in the building technology. The ancient man only knew how to use whatever was available to him for making his home. It started with leaves and branches of the trees to making entire wooden houses. Then the humans discovered how to make metal and have never looked behind. As metal supports much bigger weights, we can put something as substantial as concrete on it, and even build multiple stories. The development of concrete and mortar itself is a considerable step ahead without which making robust buildings would only have been a far-fetched dream.

Today, the whole construction industry owes its existence to those researchers and inventors, who made it possible to create fantastic infrastructures. From those big bridges to subways, and those tall apartment buildings, such wonders cannot go unnoticed and unappreciated. As we move to the world that is dependent on technology, the construction industry has also been making leaps in this direction. We see bigger and better machinery, and also the material used in the building process is improving.

Humans also have the intrinsic need for aesthetics, so the trends keep changing every year, even in the construction industry. In this article, we will discuss some of these trends that are making a mark this year.


Coating technology:

Building something is not an easy job, so you must do anything to prolong their life. Previously, rusting and things wearing out was a severe issue, but now scientists have found a way to protect the material from sun and rain. The Protective coatings and sealants help the materials avoid corrosion in the harshest indoor or outdoor surroundings. Glass windows installed on the outside of the building need UV protection so that they can last longer. Coating technologies solve many such problems.


Mobile technology:

The world is going mobile, and as we move into the era of better smartphones and fast connectivity, the construction industry is also adopting these changes. According to a report, 80 percent of the construction industry professionals consider mobile their priority. Mobiles today provide many technologies such as real-time inspection, measuring distances with a phone camera, and on-site accountability. In the future, industry professionals without mobile phone connectivity will be at a significant disadvantage.


Building Information Modeling:

This technology is making the lives of the people working with construction much more comfortable. It allows them to make computerized representative models of the utilities and buildings. These models are easy to manage, alter, and share with other professionals, which enables better prefabrication of building parts. With this technology, there is no need for repeated revisions as most of the components can be altered in their digital form and checked for reliability. Now many companies provide BIM software to help the professionals.


Construction Management Software:

Managing them all becomes a significant issue when there are too many tasks to do at a time. Owing to technology, we do not have to worry about that anymore as management software takes care of everything necessary. Such software automates the process making it much more efficient than it would have been in the manual as humans are prone to error. It also helps you keep track of everyone you would otherwise have to memorize.


Green Construction:

Climate change is affecting us all, and the world now needs better and greener alternatives to everything. Homebuyers, renters, and tenants now prefer green construction as people change their lifestyles accordingly. Though eco-friendly construction is still a luxury, it will become the norm a few years down the line. In green development, we leverage technology to reduce the carbon footprints of buildings and to accommodate renewable energy.


Safety equipment:

Construction is becoming more complex, which means that the safety of the workers requires more attention now more than ever. The industry currently uses machines that recognize safety issues and warns the construction managers on time before any mishap. Workers' safety gear is improving, and we are now seeing more involvement of robots and machines in tasks that are a more significant safety risk. If you are looking for great construction safety in Canada, check out Construction Safety Toronto.


Key takeaways

Much like anything else, technology is having a massive impact on the construction industry as well. Without such advancements, the beautiful buildings that we see all around us would not be possible. Homebuyers are also becoming more conscious of new homes' new age requirements, which contributes to the construction industry trends. The construction industry now uses software to make its day-to-day operation easier and efficient. With such changing and innovative trends, we should not be amazed by the increasing quality of houses and buildings.


JJ Sterling
As the co-founder of Urban Splatter and an architecture graduate from Chicago, I thrive on crafting a digital nexus where architectural innovation intersects with boundless digital opportunity. My academic roots in the Windy City's rich architectural tapestry inspire a unique vision for Urban Splatter's journey into the ever-evolving digital frontier of design. Join us as we navigate the exciting confluence of structure, style, and technology.

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