Ear Worms: 10 Tips for How to Create a Catchy Jingle

June 19, 2020

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In the big business world, it can be hard to market your products. If you're a small business, a catchy jingle may help you get recognized! Advertising jingles are powerful marketing tools, after all, and you can expect them to keep coming back.

Having a catchy jingle can help put your product above all others. Aside from attracting customers, a jingle makes your product more memorable.

But how do you create a long-lasting impact in less than a minute? Here are ten tips for creating a catchy jingle for your company.


  1. Research Your Target Audience

Before you worm your way to your audience's hearts, you must first understand their wants.

Knowing what your customers need helps you develop a personal touch. Understand first what they lack, what they need, and why they need it. Research trending topics and songs. Knowing what kind of content your customers want helps you create that kind of content.


  1. Know Your Product

Familiarize yourself with your product. Know what your strengths are so you can emphasize them. Identify what makes the product so unique.

If your task is developing the jingle, try out the product for yourself. Taking note of your own experience is a great way to convince other consumers. A personal touch to the lyrics can help your audience connect better with your song.

It's also a good idea to get to know your client. It gives you an idea of what kind of message they want to portray.


  1. Don't Overdo the Lyrics

Most advertising jingles are less than a minute long. Don't cram information because you may end up overwhelming your audience. Simplify the lyrics and don't use big words.

Choose your words carefully. They should be easy to understand and sing. Simple words enable your audience to recognize it faster and remember it better.

Repeating lyrics is a good strategy. Repeating the name allows consumers to remember your product better.


  1. Keep It Simple

Simple lyrics are crucial to creating a catchy jingle, but so is having a simple tune. Advertising jingles are similar to nursery rhymes — short and sweet.

Many companies caught onto the trend of using existing songs. But having an original tune makes your product unique. Commit to a simple melody that is easy to remember.

Having a repeating melody throughout the jingle allows consumers to latch on to a tune. Remember to choose a genre that connects to your product. Researching popular and currently trending songs can be helpful in your process.


  1. Include Your Brand Name

When people hear your jingle, they will associate your product with the company. Some businesses will even sing their phone number. This step is not necessary, but it can benefit you in the long run.

Incorporating your brand name into the song lets the audience know who their provider is. If they like your jingle, they may associate good feelings with your product.


  1. Make It Punny

Advertising jingles should be sweet and simple, but it doesn't mean you can't play around with them! Repetition of words and rhymes are primary ways of making a catchy jingle. Limiting yourself to simple words can amplify your creativity.

Experiment with puns and wordplay to add a fun aspect to your jingle. Write a jingle that your audience can dance to. A pun or clever wordplay can invoke a laugh from your target audience.

People may even catch themselves singing or humming your jingle. Research on other literary devices that you can incorporate into your song.


  1. Incorporate Your Catchphrase

Repetition, alliteration, and rhymes are good devices you can use when formulating a catchphrase. A catchphrase should be able to deliver the message of your product. If you already have a catchphrase or hook, incorporate this into your jingle.

A good catchphrase can serve as the focus of the jingle. Adding a catchy tune to a catchphrase can help your jingle make its mark on your audience. Think of it as the message or a feeling that you want your customers to associate with your product.


  1. Know Your Competitors

When advertising any product, it's crucial to understand what makes your product unique. If you offer the same services or similar products, convince your audience why yours is better. Take a look at your competitors' advertising strategies.

Does your jingle sound similar? How different are your lyrics? Even without meaning to, you may up advertising other products.

Despite having similar services, ensure that your jingle is unique. Make sure that your jingle will remind them only of your products.


  1. Hire Professionals

Jingle making is probably not in your skills list. But don't worry! Some companies dedicate their services to writing jingles for advertising. You can also check out this production company if you're not convinced.

Hiring professionals allows you to take comfort in the fact your company jingle is in good hands. Production companies are no stranger to advertising jingles. They know the best way to promote your product.

When advertising your products, you shouldn't cut costs. It may be a pricy investment, but one worth the time and effort. Jingles can help leave long-lasting impressions that will help your company in the long run.


  1. Invest Properly

People may not realize how much work it takes to create a catchy jingle. With only 30-60 seconds to convince an audience, you need to invest time and effort. It takes a genius to write something that is both catchy and memorable.

Many big companies have come so far thanks to advertising jingles. A few great examples are KitKat and McDonalds. The first draft may not always turn out so great.

Don't be afraid to invest in an advertisement. A 30-second long song can be beneficial to your company in the long run.


Now You Know How to Create a Catchy Jingle

Having a catchy jingle can have a great impact on your profits. We hope this list gave you some jingle ideas for advertising. Remember that your jingle must be sweet and simple.

If you found this article helpful, consider reading more of our posts here. We have more great content for you to discover! Find more great tips today!


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