How To Maximize The Use Of Your Dryer At Home

June 5, 2020

Laundry day is a lot more manageable with the help of a reliable dyer. So it's important to know some ways to help extend its life by conducting dyer maintenance regularly. For one thing, a build-up of dryer lint may cause fire, so you want to clean the filter every time you use your dryer.

In this post, you'll learn how to maximize the use of dyer at home, so you save yourself from costly repairs and make your laundry day easier.

Clean the Exhaust Vent

Every two years, it's important to clean the dryer's exhaust vent to help prevent fires. Clean out accumulated lint on the filter at the back of the dryer. Check the vent's cap by double-checking outside, and remove debris, such as dirt and wet mud. Make sure to clean it now and then so that the air flows freely.

Check out these care tips for your dryer's lint screen:

  • Deep clean your lint screen because it may be the cause of why your dryer is not heating. A dryer not heating will consume more energy and cause an increase in your utility bill.
  • Every afterload, clean the lint screen thoroughly as much as possible.
  • Use a brush to clean inside the dryer lint trap.
  • Washing it every three months is also highly recommended using a laundry detergent. Rinse it thoroughly or soak it in the dishwasher so that the dry sheet residue will be removed.

Replace Exhaust Vents

Make sure to replace your plastic or vinyl exhaust vents with metal instead. Plastic or vinyl exhaust vents would likely catch fire. Keep your family safe by using metal exhaust vents.

Don't Overload Your Dryer

Generally, large loads take a longer time to dry, which consumes more energy. So don't overload your dryer. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Besides, your clothes may end up still damp or not dried completely and smell musty.

Clean the Drum

Clean the drum properly by wiping down the dryer from the inside using a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol. It will remove any leftover residue by the dryer sheet. After cleaning, let it dry thoroughly.

Read the Dryer's User Manual

Alongside with your washing machine, your automatic clothes dryer helps you get your clothes clean and dry. Because some neighborhoods don't also permit outdoor clotheslines, it's nearly impossible to dry large items such as bedsheets. So if you have a new dryer, make sure to read the user manual before using it.

It won't hurt taking a few minutes to learn how to operate your new dryer to know what it can do, what the settings mean, and the different heat levels available. Even for old dryers, always keep the user manual so you'll have a troubleshooting reference if ever you run out of problems.

Don't Dry Everything Hot

The heat level depends on the fabrics that needed to be dried. It's not advisable to dry all types of fabrics on “hot.” While it's probably the quickest way for you to get your laundry task done, the excessive-high heat causes the fabrics to shrink, damaging your clothes due to overdrying.

Reduce Dryer Energy Expenditure

Protect the environment and also your pocket by reducing your dryer's energy expenditure. Dry several loads consecutively. It will save energy because they won't need to warm up every time.

If you're planning to buy a new dryer, take the time to research the best features and benefits according to your needs. Generally, the cost of using a clothes dryer that uses natural gas is always less as compared to an electric dryer.

Here are other energy-saving tips when using a clothes dryer:

  • When loading, separate heavyweight fabrics from lightweight ones for more even and faster drying.
  • Don't add wet items into a load that is partially dry because it will confuse the dyer's moisture detector, causing over-drying of some clothes.
  • Dry full loads whenever possible. Not just a few two items, but never overload your dryer.
  • Never open the door of the dryer unnecessarily because it will just add drying cycle time due to the escape of air.
  • When you remove clothes or other fabrics from the washer, make sure to shake each piece. This step is done to untangle them.
  • Dry lightweight and heavy loads washed together in separate loads.


A clothes dryer accounts for a significant percentage of a household's yearly utility costs. That's why it's important to know how to use it efficiently by maximizing the use of your dryer to reduce energy costs. The proper operation and maintenance of your dyer will surely maximize its performance for many years of use.

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