Real Estate Tips to Get Your Home Sold

June 24, 2020


If you're interested in making a move but are having trouble selling your home, there could be any number of reasons for your struggles. Sometimes, it comes down to your location or the condition of your home. Other times, there just isn't as much demand in your community, or you aren't giving potential buyers enough information.


For whatever reason, if you're really eager to get into a new home it can be incredibly frustrating if your home isn't selling. After all, in order to get into your next house, you may need to tap into the equity from your current house, so if you're struggling to close a deal it means that you may be having to wait for the next step in your life. If you're really serious about getting your house sold, here are a few tips and tech tools to get it done fast.


Don't rule out cash home buyers.



If you can't wait any longer or have been struggling to get your house sold for a long time, there's nothing wrong with looking into cash home buyers for your property. In addition to offering speed, there are dozens of other benefits that come with using a cash home buyer like Simply Sold Property to get your home off the market. Rather than dealing with realtors, fees, and commissions, you can sell your home to a company like Simply Sold Property and get more money in your pocket in the process.


Perhaps best of call, a cash home buyer will buy your house, regardless of its condition or the scenario. Whether it's at risk of being foreclosed, you're going through a divorce, or just don't feel like dealing with an agent, getting a cash buyer can take out all of the hassles of being a home seller. Rather than trying to appeal with home buyers, you can get a fair cash offer that gets you the money you need to move on to your next home.


Take photos that make an impact.



If you are planning on selling the home with an agent or on your own, you'll need great photos to help tell the story of your house. While you may be wary of hiring a professional photographer, many homebuyers actually cite having high-quality photos of a property as making a big difference in their impression of the house. As a result, you should at the very least take time and care to stage your home photographs if you're taking them yourself.


One thing to try is to take several different options for each room and run them by your friends and family. Be sure that they're willing to role-play as potential buyers, and use a cloud based photo management platform to easily think the photos from your phone to the cloud. From there, sharing with different people is as simple as a few clicks, saving you the time and energy of attaching multiple photos to different email threads or group texts.


Update your listing copy.


Just like it's important that your photos tell the story of your home, it's just as vital to highlight the selling points of your house in the listing description you're using. Be sure to reference any great aspects of your neighborhood like restaurants or parks. If you've put some work into the house to get it more presentable, make sure to highlight that work and use any other keywords that buyers are likely to be looking for. "Sunny," "subway tile," "open-shelving," and even "spacious" are all words that spark buyers' imaginations and get them dreaming about what their life might be like owning your home.


Tatjana Faplo
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