The Main Benefits Of Attic Conversions

June 9, 2020


Is there a vacant, unutilized attic in your home? Well, instead of cluttering the empty space with decayed furniture, old clothes, and other family belongings, you could convert your attic into a spacious room.

Nowadays, attic conversions are considered to be an affordable renovation solution for homeowners that increases both living space and property value. These conversions are an ideal alternative for big families as well as for homeowners who could use an extra monthly income by renting their lofts to tenants. These are the crucial benefits of converting empty spaces into Modern Attics with a spectacular view.

Additional space

Most homeowners are required to move to another house once they face a lack of living space due to the arrival of a new family member or raising teenagers who demand greater privacy. It’s rather difficult to move to an entirely new area after you have settled perfectly into the previous neighborhood, as you’d have to search for new schools for the children as well as befriend a bunch of strangers in the hope of becoming friends.

Nevertheless, your attic can be the space addition you desperately need, once you convert it into an extra room or a small-sized floor. You’ll no longer have to move since this long-forgotten space can finally be used as an extension alternative. Consequently, you will save plenty of time and money, which would have been otherwise wasted on moving.

Greater property value

Another incredible benefit of attic conversions is increasing the property value of homes, which is of greater importance when placing a house on the sale market. An attic conversion can add a minimum of twenty percent to property value, depending on your investment. The more you invest in the conversion of your loft, the greater the property value of your house.

Considering the myriad of properties for sale, loft conversions are designed to make houses more appealing to buyers. It’s a home improvement that requires a reasonable financial investment, which provides an incredible return on investment in the future. In case you aren’t fond of selling the entire property, you could rent your recently renovated attic to lodgers, thus acquiring a fixed monthly income.

Nice view

What most homeowners lack in urban areas is a nice view from the windows of their flats and houses. Instead of enjoying the beauty of the local area, most of them stare at other properties, buildings, and offices that block the source of natural light as well. Anyhow, loft conversions are known for their huge windows, which provide homeowners with a spectacular view of their local area that was previously unavailable.

Additionally, by installing the right type of roof windows, you’d be increasing the amount of natural light that enters your loft. Although the importance of being exposed to an optimal amount of natural light is often neglected, daylight does wonders for the physical and mental health of homeowners. Click here to learn more about the health benefits of natural light.

Greater energy-efficiency

Attic conversions provide homeowners with multiple benefits in terms of energy efficiency, which contributes to their cost-effectiveness as well. Unlike the other parts of your home, your loft requires no artificial light during daytime, considering the incessant source of natural light that penetrates the roof windows.

Moreover, in the course of the renovation process, your roof will be properly insulated in order to maintain an optimal temperature both in the summer and winter periods. As a result, the roof insulation would impede hot air from entering the attic during the summer months, while reducing the amount of cold air during winter, thus significantly lowering the cost of your energy bills.

No permission required

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of loft conversions is requiring no planning permission, which homeowners are obliged to obtain when planning other home extensions. Attic conversions are considered as home developments, not extensions, thus requiring no legal permit. Consequently, you won’t have to go through the painstaking application process that involves plenty of waiting time as well as a fee.


An attic conversion could be the perfect solution for your unutilized, dusty loft.

You’ll get the spectacular view you always dreamed of!

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