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Tree Roots: A Common Cause of Septic System Failure


It ought to be known that tree roots tend to pose many problems to septic systems. Tree roots in a sewer line can affect sewer systems because the entire system is vulnerable to various perils of the common tree root. The roots have the ability to gain access through the lid and through some inlets or various outer pipes. Any type of tree root infestation in a septic tank can be the cause of costly problems. There are many good methods to clear and maintain sewer lines from tree roots. The roots of a tree tend to be the cause of septic system failure and there are solutions and methods for avoiding this issue.


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Keeping Sewer Lines Clear and Useful Approaches


Tree roots in a sewer line can be managed effectively and there are many useful approaches for solving this type of problem. It ought to know that there are some barriers that will discourage some septic growth in the sewer lines. If you have a root infestation, a mechanical auger will prove to be a useful tool in order to clear out the infestation. The following useful approaches can solve this type of septic issue:


1. invasive tree roots can be dug up; chemicals do not always benefit an infested sewer line. Chemicals are not always the best method for clearing a sewer line. An assessment of the actual damage will be necessary and a camera can provide a visual image in terms of the overall extent of the infestation. The roots can be dug up with the use of various machines. Useful solutions may include digging up tree roots


2. rent or purchase a hydro jetter; a hydro jetter has proven to be an effective tool for clearing an infested sewer line. This type of machine will use pressurized water. Once it has been used to clear the lines, the sewer system can be flushed with different types of chemicals in order to kill any leftover root invasions. Some chemicals are known to be highly beneficial in solving this issue


3. special chemicals are available for removal; keep in mind, there are some specialized chemicals that have a defined purpose. Chemical tree root removal works well for many septic systems


Added Ideas and Solutions


Tree root invasions can cause many problems in septic systems. There are many ways to manage any type of root infestation with useful solutions and good ideas in place. It is common, for many people, to cut all of the tree roots mechanically. This involves a powered sewer auger.


The sewer auger will go right down into the sewer line similar to a rotating blade. This type of rotating action will clear out the unwanted roots and will clear the roots out of the sewer line. Keep in mind that any type of harmed or broken sewer line is going to need solutions. When roots get into the sewer lines, backup and other costly problems arise.


Some of the problems can be controlled if root control is in place. It is a good idea to keep plants further away from your sewer lines. Various roots will naturally be attracted to sewer lines and placing them farther away from the system will be very helpful in terms of prevention. A root is going to grow closer to a sewer pipe because they are a source of water, oxygen, and various nutrients. If there is a leak or crack in a pipe, the roots will creep their way into it and will begin to grow and expand. Prevention is possible for root invasion in sewer systems.


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