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Water Systems You Should Be Using In Your Home

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Water is essential to life. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to clean water. Access to clean water supply is not limited to what you only drink, but it also includes what you use for bathing, cook, and wash clothes.


Given that most water supplies are not 99% clean, you need to be careful when choosing water systems for your home. Thus, to keep you and your family safe and protected, you need access to clean and healthy water.


Based on their ability to provide clean and safe water, here are some water systems you should consider using in your home.


  1. Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System


This water filtration system is considered the most effective method for water filtration. Reverse osmosis replicates a system that uses air pressure to force water out of a semipermeable membrane. It’s regarded as the most effective system because it effectively filters water contaminants, including bacteria, cysts, dissolved solids, and more.


Water purification system. Domestic reverse osmosis filter


After the filtration, the water produced is fit for drinking as well as use for other purposes. The quantity of water that the reverse osmosis filtration system extracts depends partially on the size of the reverse osmosis system.


Reverse osmosis water filtrations tend to cost more than some other filtration systems, but the price is not high compared to its intensive function. It filters a bit slow for most people’s liking. Also, the clean water it produces is usually small in quantity compared to the wastewater that it filters away. Since the reverse osmosis filtration system cannot filter chlorine, it’s usually coupled with carbon filters for pre-filtration.


The reverse osmosis water filtration system is a must-have for homes that desire clean water. Culligan Water of Greater Kansas City can help you install this system, and you would never have to worry about unclean water again.


  1. Sediment Filtration Water System


This is another water filtration system that’s well-favored by many homes. This filtration system removes contaminants, like dust, silt, sand, heavy solids, and metals from the water, leaving clean water. The sediment filter ranges in sizes, so families get to choose the size that works best for them.


The type of water contaminants in the home’s water usually determine the type of sediment filtration water system that people choose.


Sediment filters with small filter pores sieve out more contaminants than those with big pores. Due to their small size, small-pored sediment filtration systems filter water at a slower rate.


Sediment filtration water system is good for the family since the water produced is enough to provide clean drinking water for family use. To make the water clean and safe for drinking, the sediment filter system is sometimes coupled with the activated carbon filtration system or the distillation filtration system.


  1. Ultraviolet (UV) Water Filtration System


If you always worry about keeping your family safe and protected from microorganisms and the illnesses they cause, consider having the UV water filtration system. However, this method requires you to filter the water with other systems to clear out large soluble and other debris before using it. The main instrument used for this filtration system is the UV lamp.


When the UV rays from the lamp flash through the water, it either destroys the microbial contaminants in water or renders them inactive. By destroying most, if not all, of the microorganisms, you’re rest assured of the water’s safety. Some of the microorganisms UV lamps kill include Hepatitis, Protozoa, Cryptosporidium, Coliforms, among others.


The UV water filtration system is one of the best water systems to use because it destroys harmful microorganisms. The system is also affordable and easy to maintain. Above all, it helps protect you and your family from water microorganism-caused infections and diseases.


  1. Activated Carbon Water Filtration System


Many people endorse the activated carbon water filtration system to filter and purify water because it performs different functions. This water filter system removes contaminants as well as bad odors from the water in your home. Asides from that, the activated carbon is also used to clear the bad taste from water. When the water passes through the filters, the carbon filter absorbs the contaminants while allowing the clean water to flow out.


The carbon filtration system is usually made of activated charcoal filters in block or granular form, wood, or coal. Sometimes, it’s a combination of different production materials. The filtration system’s effectiveness is usually dependent on the temperature and pressure/flow of the water.




With so many water systems in the market, it’s easy to get confused about the best ones to use. However, if you’re looking for ways to get safe and clean water, it’s advisable to go water systems with filtration, such as a carbon filtration system, UV filtration system, and reverse osmosis filtration system, and the others mentioned in this article.


You should also consider your home’s water needs when choosing a water system. This would help you chose a water system best for your home’s use.


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