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What Should You Look for When You Shop for Leather Door Handles

You cannot begin to talk about luxury without talking about genuine leather. For an added touch of luxury, homeowners opt for leather furniture. For a chic, classic look, trendsetters go for leather clothing and accessories. You cannot blame these people for their fascination with leather. After all, this material is not only comfortable but is also long-lasting.

For homeowners, you would be glad to know that aside from your usual leather furniture, you can get leather handles for your doors, windows and cabinets. These handles will not only upgrade the look of your home, but it can also protect your handles from premature wearing and tearing.


If you are sure that these luxurious handles are for you, but you are unsure about what aspects to check when you shop for these handles, check the tips highlighted below.




Most handle coverings, especially those from reputable brands, are hand-crafted. The cabinet hardware used by these manufacturers is from equally-reputable cabinet hardware brands. These are the kinds of manufacturers that you should look for. Brands like Armac Martin, Frank Allart, and Turnstyle Designs are a few of the most exquisite cabinet, window, and door furniture brands. Their cabinet handles are used in some of the most luxurious restaurants, hotels, palaces, buildings, private residences, and embassies all around the globe. If you add finely-crafted leather coverings to these handles, your home will quickly become at par with these luxurious halls and residences of the world.


State Of The Art Craftsmanship


If you indeed opt for leather handles for your home cabinets, make sure that your handle manufacturer sources out their leather from the traditional tanneries in Tuscany, Italy. This is where full-grain, natural vegetable tanned, and most beautiful bridle leather is found. With these reputable leather tanneries, you can be assured that the vegetable-tanned leather colouring is even throughout the material. You can see that the leather has more than just a surface finish. Instead, you see leather that is full of natural oils and one that develops into a vibrant, beautiful patina the more often you use it.

Personalised Engineering


When you choose a handle manufacturer, go for manufacturers that offer personalised services. The good thing about these manufacturers is they listen to their clients and what their clients want. They will ask for your ideas and will work hand in hand with you to bring your vision to life.


They also have a technical team that will show you a render of your design idea, along with a 3D print of the same from their rapid prototyping machine. With these printouts, you can visualise exactly how your ordered handles will look like. And once you okay the final design, they will immediately work on it and deliver the finished product to you.


Unparalleled Customer Service


Aside from the quality of the handles and its leather coverings, you should also check how the company treats its customers. This is shown in the kind of support the company gives its customers. Are they responsive every time you have queries? Are their communication lines accessible? Do they provide the best service in an efficient and timely manner? And are they still responsive to your queries even after the sale was consummated? These are the more critical questions you need to answer to determine whether or not a manufacturer has excellent customer service.


If your current manufacturer of choice fits the criteria set above, check their offerings and have your bespoke leather handles delivered straight at your doorstep.

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