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Where Can You Travel to During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

With all of the lockdowns taking place all over the world and national borders being closed, traveling is not really something possible at the moment – or so it would seem. As things look better in some countries, in order to save their economy, some states have decided to open their borders for tourism in the following months.

Keep in mind that although we love traveling, we are not endorsing it during the current pandemic. The countries presented are only options in case the WHO and the governments decide that traveling is safe, so you should proceed with caution, especially since things can change from day to day.

Without further ado, let’s see which ones are the best ones for your bike, for your backpack, and for your body and soul.



While the vast majority of countries have banned non-residents from entering their territories, some exceptions may be granted for extreme emergencies. Tourism doesn’t fall in that category, as you can imagine, but other countries, for one reason or another, are preparing to let you go on a holiday with extreme protection and Covid test report.

The country most willing to restart tourism is Greece, since the recession that threatens the country is likely to be the biggest one in the entire European Union. It’s about a decade ago that Greece was so affected by the economic crisis of the late 2000s, that it looked like the country might even fall apart.

Greece has a GDP of around 30% coming from tourism, so if they don’t manage to offer a safe place for tourists if things get a bit clearer, then they are aware they will sink again, as they did a decade ago.

Then again, also in order to prevent any damages, the Greeks have taken preventive measures that make Greece one of the best-prepared countries for the pandemic. At the moment, gatherings of more than 10 people are banned, and while many shops are closed, there is a plan to start reopening them as summer approaches.

Be careful, as, if you are allowed to enter Greece now, you will still be placed into a 14-day quarantine, but there are plans for tourists to have a medical issued card that guarantees they are healthy when they enter and also when they leave the country, so things can be kept under relative control.


North America

While there are measures taken in order to combat the virus, the rules in Mexico don’t seem to be as harsh as in other places of the world, which also means that you can enter the country even now. Of course, this can change anytime, depending on the total number of cases, and because airlines can have their own restrictions.

The land border between Mexico and the US is closed now for traffic that is considered to be non-essential, and only some hotels have remained open. Booking a holiday now is not a great idea, but keeping the pulse of what other countries are doing is going to help you later on with your plans.



There are only two countries in Asia that, at the moment, are letting in foreign citizens: Iran and South Korea. Iran has a great history, but the instability of the region makes it a dangerous place to travel to even without the pandemic, but South Korea is a highly viable option.

The country has been praised for how it handled the pandemic from the very start. South Korea lets foreigners enter the country, but you’ll have to get tested as soon as you enter it. The results will be delivered in one day, as you wait at a facility. If it’s positive, you’ll be sent to a healthcare facility where you’ll stay until you receive the negative test.


The Caribbean

Barbados is, as of now, the only country in this area to allow foreign citizens to enter, but you’ll have to go in a 14-day quarantine period. On top of that, there is a curfew in place, and you can only do your shopping or go to the bank during certain hours of the day, but if things will look better, it is possible Barbados would relax the rules in the coming weeks.

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