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10 Ways You Can Increase the Value of Your House Before Selling



When buying something, we always try to get the lowest price, and when selling, we try all we can to get the highest price. That’s the nature of economics. The same rule applies to houses. It comes to a point in life where you are forced to sell a house. It could be that you are relocating, or you simply need the money.


A buyer will want to get value for their investment; they inspect the house in an attempt to find an excuse to knock down the price. To avoid a situation like this, you need to increase the value of your house. The following are ways in which you can improve your property before selling it.


Get the Services of a Realtor


The first move you need to make is hiring a realtor who will assess your house, point out the weaknesses that need to be worked on. They charge by the hour, so be ready to spend something in return. An interior designer’s perspective is also important. Their keen eye for color and interior aesthetics can point you in the right direction with the renovations.


Start with Visible Defects


There are things that do not need an expert opinion. One look is all it takes to tell that a complete overhaul is necessary. Check the roof for any leaks and fix them as needed. Go to your basement and thoroughly inspect it for mold and termites. Fumigate the whole section to kill them and any other thing that may spook the buyer. If you feel that some of the work may need extra hands, then hire people to help you out.


Paint the Walls



Nothing reinvigorates the house more than a fresh coat of paint. You can turn an old house into a stunning masterpiece if you masterfully apply the right colors. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and ask yourself this; Would you buy a house whose walls have layers of paint peeling off or are fading? If the answer is no then get down to work and transform those walls and anything else that may need paint.


Fix the Bedroom



We spend more time in the bedroom than in any other room in the house. If your bedroom is spacious make the most of that when revamping it for sale. Change the flooring and give it a new coat of paint: use colors that blend well with each other.


Replace the wardrobes, drawers and the cabinets with new ones.


Useful tip: to save money, it is advisable to buy bulk drawer slides rather than one at a time: it is always more convenient if you have them stocked up in case the ones in use get damaged.


Add Space


You know that extra garage that you never use or that attic space that acts as storage space? Well, it is time to clear them out and convert them into living spaces. Any extra room that you create on your property bumps up the value significantly. Converting your garage alone can increase the value by 15%.


However, before making any large scale changes, make sure you are on the right side of your state’s building laws. Some changes require permits before proceeding with them.


Revamp the Bathroom



Bathrooms are a big selling point and it is the one area in your house that you should focus the most attention on. Change your old bathtub with a new glossy one. Switch the flooring to shiny marble if you can as well as the walls. The trick here is to create the illusion of space. Take out anything that appears to be cluttering the bathroom and only leave essentials that stand out.


Clean Your House


It is much easier to sell a clean house than one that looks like it last had an occupant decades ago. When a house is on sale, there is no telling when potential buyers will pop by for viewing. You have to be ready at all times. Clean the house from top to bottom.


Sweep and scrub every nook and cranny without skipping any part. Wipe the furniture, the windows, and the floors as frequently as you can until the house leaves your hands after a successful sale.


Trim Your Gardens and Lawns



Gardens and lawns are the first things a buyer sees when they arrive to view the house. They will be put off immediately if they are met with a lawn overrun by tall grass and weeds. Maintain your lawn consistently when you can for the duration that the house is on sale.


If you have a garden, clean it up nicely by getting rid of weeds and arranging it strategically. You never know, they may be the things that swing the buyer’s indecision to your favor.


Install New Appliances and Upgrade Old Ones


Get your kitchen a brand new cooker straight from your favorite store. Get the best brand that will catch your buyer’s eyes the moment they walk in. Switch your standard lamps with fancier ones and get rid of that old chandelier. The water heater in the bathroom can be replaced with the newest model you can find.


That alarm security system that stopped working years ago, repair it and show it to your buyer during viewing. It is the small changes that eventually add up and boost the value of the house.


Upgrade the Entrance



Your front door and the steps leading to it have to look classy. If the door to your house is not in tandem with other changes, replace it with a better one. Line the path leading to the entrance with marble rocks to complement your freshly mowed lawn. It is the little things that matter.




Selling a house is not as easy as people make it look. To be able to sell your property for a price that is as close to the one you are aiming for needs guts, determination, and a plan. To gain the upper hand, try all the tips mentioned above and watch how buyers will come knocking.


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