Hiring a Roofing Contractor Company Tips

July 10, 2020



When the time comes for your roof shingles to be replaced you can usually start to notice them chipping or corroding over time. If the situation is severe you can even notice roofing shingles on your lawn. When deciding on the color and texture of your chosen roof material, it is an important to take into consideration the fact that the roof color is a permanent and long-lasting decision. When considering your roof options, you should think about the character and time of construction of your home and whether you want to maintain the same style or take the opportunity to explore a new and fresh pallet!


Some signs of a residential roof in disrepair can be exposed plywood or a vapor barrier. Whether you are renovating a home as an investment or you are just in need for a new roof it is important to take into account the safety benefits of hiring a professional roofing contractor verse doing this type of work yourself. Trust me and learn from my mistake on attempting to DIY my roof repair in my investment property.


Sometimes when it Rains, it Pours


Leaks and water damage can be an even greater expense that can be completed prevented with proper replacement of shingles. As an architect myself, I can contest that roofs are perhaps the most crucial and instinctual design element. When purchasing an old home or getting an addition to your home you should consider the cost benefits and assurance of a quality contractor.


Researching through the yellow pages through endless pages of roofing companies is a thing of the past. A quick internet search for a roofing contractor is what most millennials including myself would do or perhaps asking Alexa or Siri.


Hire a Licensed Roofing Contractor for the Job


You will thank me later by taking this advice. This is important to ensure that the legal attributions of roofing repair and installation are backed by the safety of local building codes. This is an easy process for a local business to establish their presence in a community.


Go for a Local Roofing Contractor


This is an important tip because the local contractors are the most experienced with the types of roofing construction methods that can differ greatly depending on the geographic characteristics. On the East Coast of the Atlantic there are many large and beautiful neo-Victorian suburban houses offer tall and steep sloping roofs to most efficiently shed water, snow and even ice.


The local roofing contractors in the Ridgefield and Woodbridge areas of suburban CT that I would recommend is ADN Roofing. They are experienced with incorporating the bespoke qualities of material choice and professionalism.



Look for Experienced Roofing Contractors


Seeing online testimonials or reviews from other publicly hosted review sites is a good way to ensure that you will not be taken advantage up financially or by the quality of the new residential roof. It may be more comfortable to go with “Jo-Shmo” from down the street but without an established online presence you cannot prove that the quality is excellent. 


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