How the Lottery Funds Architectural Projects

July 17, 2020


Not everyone is lucky enough to have a high paying job or business that generates enough money to live a lavish lifestyle. For most, a large proportion of their income goes to expenses such as tuition, mortgage, and day to day expenses. Those who are better off are able to save just enough to fund a vacation at the end of the year.


But, that’s just as good as it gets for most people. The expensive jewelry, luxurious mansions, fancy cars, and vacation-like lifestyle remains to be a dream. Well, for those who are bold enough to try their chances in the lottery, lady luck at times smiles back, changing their fortunes for the better.


Lotteries offer massive payouts to winners who, at times, walk with hundreds of millions of dollars. Talk about overnight success. Winners of such amounts see their lives change instantaneously. The fancy cars and luxurious mansions that all seemed like a distant dream become a reality.


After gaining such life-changing amounts, lottery winners invest in different things to safeguard their newfound wealth. One of the sectors that significantly benefits from such investments is the real estate industry. This is either through buying property or constructing their dream houses as well as other commercial projects.


In this article, you will find some of the great architectural masterpieces across the world, built with lottery winnings.


John and Lisa Robinson’s Lake Side Mansion


2016 witnessed arguably the world's biggest lottery payout amounting to $1.8 billion. From that draw, John and Lisa Robinson took home a third of the winnings, which was in excess of $ 500 million. After vowing to retain their humble lifestyle, they bought a gorgeous lakeside manor in the Tennessee countryside. You can't blame them. Can you?


The house, which cost $ 6.2 million, only ate one percent of their total winnings, leaving them with more than enough to enjoy the finer things in life. When you talk about lavish dream properties, this has got to be it. Their home sits in 320 acres of breathtaking Tennessee countryside land. Along with the expansive land, their property also features a private lake.


If you think it can't get any dreamier, think again. Perfectly perched by the lakeside with an impressive view of the property, the house has eight bathrooms, ten bedrooms, impeccable dining furniture, wooden jetties, movie theatre, and detailed finishing.


The interior décor prominently features a rustic-wooded-classical theme that’s exquisite. This property is arguably the perfect example of how playing the lottery can change your life. By a stroke of good fortune, the Robinson’s were able to move from their $ 150,000 home and into a multimillion property with a private lake.


You only need to walk into one of the bathrooms to realize the sort of royalty a lottery win can earn you. Their bathrooms have exquisite designs that feature limestone countertops, walnut vanities, marble floors, and exotic mirrors.


Gloria Mckenzie’s Florida Home


For many people, their dreams of living a luxurious life slowly fade away as they age. However, you’ve probably heard many times that it’s never too late for your dreams to come true. This is exactly what happened for Gloria Mckenzie.


In 2013, at the age of 84, she won $590.5 million, which was the biggest cash prize for a single person. At her age, her desire to live her dream life was still intact. She moved into a luxurious hotel before claiming her prize. After getting her hands on the winnings, Gloria purchased a $1.2 million house in Jacksonville, Florida.


The seaside property has five bedrooms and access to a library, golf course, movie theatre, and lake within the community.


Rick Knudsen’s California Home


In 2014, Rick Knudsen, a construction executive, bought a $5 ticket while on his way home from the gym. He earned a payout of $180 million from that ticket and bought a $5.5 million uncompleted house in California.


The house has a 900-foot elevation, which offers fantastic views of the Salton Sea, Catalina Island, and mountain peaks. Over the years, Rick converted the property into a resort of sorts that featured a 155-acre buffalo ranch, a Wild West saloon, steakhouse, and a 640-acre stretch of land. Though he later sold his house, it remains one of the best architectural feats achieved from lottery winnings.


Taking a sneak peek into the homes of lottery winnings is a great way to remind yourself that nothing is beyond reach. However, it all starts with taking a chance.


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