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We all love clean houses and will even freak out after a few hours if we have our house untidy. We all can agree to the fact that when we think about cleaning our house, it gives us some amount of anxiety before we start cleaning. We get weird feelings when we decide to clean our house because of the amount of time it takes. Cleaning houses is often one of the most challenging tasks for females. Have to think about cleaning dust, wiping trash from every corner, and removing greasy stains from kitchen corners. If you are a stay-at-home woman, you may manage to clean your house by sparing two or more hours for cleaning. In the case of a 9 to 5 working woman with kids, cleaning becomes almost dreading and impossible.


Home shiny and clean. You might have also heard some women wishing for robots to clean their house. You might rely on machines to some extent, but a cleaning obsessed person will still prefer doing their part. Women always look for easy and fast ways when it comes to cleaning the house. Some machines can help you clean your home while you still have to do your part in cleaning. Some of us prefer a carpeted house to reduce the cleaning efforts, but carpets are even tricky to clean.


The cleaning of your home also depends on its size and number of floors. If you have ever visited Spokane Valley in Washington, you might have seen houses a bit larger. Many people have carpets or some rugs which might require intensive cleaning. Carpet cleaning is a challenging task, and people often hire carpet cleaners in Spokane valley to clean their carpets once a month. With carpet cleaning, your primary responsibility is off the list, here are some tips that can help you clean your house fast and easy.


1. Be systematic

Once you are on the mission to clean your house, start in an organized way. Do not hop from room to another and leaving it unclean. If you are deciding to mop all the rooms one by one and then return to dust the furniture, it will take you hours, yet it will be unclean. Setting up a cleaning pattern gives you enough time to do extra chores. Start by cleaning one room entirely and them moving to others. Working on a set pattern will reduce the time instead of hurrying to clean stuff. Your daily cleaning routine helps you gauge the amount of time it takes and what else you can do in between that time.


2. Keep your tools ready

House cleaning is not once in a blue moon task. If you plan to get on to your cleaning mission, keep all things ready and accessible. Will you tolerate a carpenter who goes up and down the ladder every time to get a nail? Certainly not. Keeping your cleaning tools in one place or an apron saves you the effort of finding them every time you are cleaning your house. Instead of carrying around large bottles of cleaners, fetch some of it in small containers that are easy to carry along.


3. Stop it right there

Every corner of our house is in use daily. While doing dishes, if you see some rust around your water tap, do not ignore it. Before the whole valve catches the rust, get proactive, and remove the rust then and there. If you see some stain accumulating in your shower, you can either wait until it is hard to clean or spread some baking soda and vinegar to remove that small stain off the corner.


4. De-clutter

There is always a mess behind when your kids leave for school or husband for office. It won’t be easy if you pick up stuff while cleaning and moving back and forth to keep it in their place. Instead of making multiple rounds while cleaning a room, clear the clutter first. Do not forget to pick up the toys, towels, and laundry and sort them in the right place. De-cluttering will save you time, and you can clean rooms easily.


5. Make enough space

Often we face the difficulty of not having enough space for things to settle and keep. Without a place, you might gather a lot of piles everywhere in your house, and it will give it an untidy and unorganized look. Try to fold your clothes cleverly to make space in closets. Keep the unused utensils off your kitchen rack. Keep the appliances that are frequently in use and keep your shelf free. Vacant or less occupied spaces are easy to clean.



Who will not like a clean and tidy and house? The effort to maintain its cleanliness is another story. Scraping off the dust from little corners to keep your furniture dust-free is not easy at all. Do you have carpets and rugs in your house, besides vacuum cleaning, they can store a lot of dirt beneath and in it. You might need t hire professional help for cleaning such stuff. Keeping your windows shut can reduce the amount of dust on your furniture. Set your days for cleaning big appliances like fans, closets, or things that need a repair service. If you have a cleaning routine daily, you will not need much time to clean your house.


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