How To Make Lawn Mowing Patterns In Your Yard

July 6, 2020

Most people think having a patterned lawn is a far-fetched dream that they can't achieve on their own. Are you one of those people? Maybe you love to have a striped pattern in your lawn, but you don't know how to go about it. Check out how to make lawn mowing patterns.


All these patterns you see can be done by you without you looking for special tools or equipment. We have come up with the tips you can apply to get that perfect diamond cut you desire. When you follow the following steps, you will get the best result that will amaze your neighbors. Before we dive into the steps needed to create lawn patterns, there are two things you should know.

Mowing Stripes Are Easy to Create

As professional as lawn patterns may seem, they don't require special knowledge to create. You may even think different types of grass are planted for it to show that way or that each row is mowed at varying heights but this is not so. Instead, the lawn is mowed in a way that makes it create a pattern when the sun reflects at a particular angle.

Lawn Patterns Are All about Reflection

When you bend a piece of grass on one side, you will see the bent side on a portion while the other part will display just the top of the grass blade. This is what happens when you see a patterned lawn. It's all about reflection, the angle you are will determine what side of the lawn you see.

This means you view a lawn from a particular side, the blades of grass bent towards the place will seem to be darker than the others due to the shadow beneath them. Also, those that are bent towards the opposite side will seem to be lighter in color thereby giving the lawn two patterns created by the reflection of light.

Suns Out Lawn Mowers can easily get these patterns with simple steps. There are also other patterns you can try, and we have them written in this guide, all you need to do is follow them religiously.

Tips for the Best-Looking Mowing Patterns

Firstly, let's talk about the useful tips that will make your lawn easy to pattern. Even though anybody can achieve this by giving particular directions to the lawn when mowing, it's crucial to know what to do and what not to do.

    1. Mow Your Grass Taller

The height of the grass can determine if you will get your desired result or not. The taller the grass, the more flexible it will be, and it would be able to bend very well. It will be very difficult to bend short blades as they continue to shoot back up. If your lawn is about 2" tall, you should send it to become 2.5" before thinking of bending it. You can also consider blades that are 3" to 3.5" as they give the most difference. One of the benefits of making lawn patterns are the fact that it reduces the frequency of mowing.

    1. Use Hardscape Features as Your Guide

Another thing is making sure your lines are straight, this you can achieve by following the lines of the hardscape in your yard. For instance, you can use the sidewalk as a guide to mowing straight lines after another.

    1. Get a Lawn Roller

To make your stripes bend very well for them to be visible, you need to use a roller on them. The roller will press it and the impact will be effective for a long time compared to when you use any other equipment. There are striping kits sold online that you can buy as an addition to the roller or mower. You can search for information on how to make a striping kit if you would like to do it yourself.

    1. Cool Season Grasses Are Best

The type of grass you grow on your lawn also can determine if you can make stripe with them. Some grasses can bend easily while others will spring up when you press them towards the ground. grasses that grow well during the wet seasons are harder to bend, so you should consider planting those that are warm season friendly.

    1. The Position of the Sun Will Affect the Look of the Pattern

The intensity of the stripe can be affected by the sun and this varies during each time of the day. When the sun is facing you, the stripes may show much as they will when it's behind you.

Benefits of Creating Mowing Patterns

Some people think the only reason why people make stripes on lawns is to beautify it. However, there are other benefits of mowing patterns on lawns.

Minimizes Damage to Lawn

Mowing a particular pattern every time can cause pests to infest the grass. It can even reduce the amount of air between them as the impact of the mower tire can lead to this. When you change your pattern often the tire won't make a lasting effect on the grass hereby improve the airflow.

Makes for a Healthier Lawn

A plant needs photosynthesis to grow healthy and they can only get this through the leaves. When your grass blades are taller, they will get to absorb more sunlight. Mowing your lawn taller makes it healthy as it will have sufficient food from the sun.

Hides Imperfections in Your Lawn

You can't do without having a spot on your lawn caused by disease or mowing mistakes. These spots can disfigure your lawn if they are too much. The best way to hide these is to make stripes that will make the grass bend towards the spot thereby hiding it.

Cost of Mowing Patterns Maintenance

Maintaining your lawn can be a costly endeavor. The cost of mowing patterns maintenance will depend on the size of your lawn, the type of grass you have, and how often you need to mow.

The average cost of maintaining a lawn is $30 per week. This includes mowing, edging, and blowing clippings. If you have a larger lawn, the cost will be more. The type of grass you have will also affect the price. If you have a higher-maintenance grass, such as Bermuda or St. Augustine, the cost will be more than if you have a lower-maintenance grass, such as fescue.


Now you have known what you need to do to get that dream pattern on your lawn. Making patterns on lawns is a great way of being creative while providing a habitat for the grass to survive well. In a bid to achieve this, you are also making your yard a show of envy as your neighbors start to steal a look at it. All you need to do is follow these steps to make beautiful stripes on your lawn.

I hope you learned about lawn mowing patterns. For informative reads, check out the rest of our blog.

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