It’s Not Too Late to Make These Summer Upgrades

July 8, 2020

Spring and summer are the most popular times to do home remodels, and it's easy to see why. Warm weather and long days motivate us to get projects done, but if it's too hot, you might struggle to complete your tasks. Many homeowners try to finish projects before summer comes so they don't have to work during the warmer months, but it's never too late to tackle a few home improvement jobs. If you're looking for an easy upgrade to make this summer, here are a few options.

With the right furniture, you can make a great space for yourself and guests.

Add air conditioning.

If you don't have central air conditioning in your house, there's no better time to add it. Keeping your home cool will help you sleep better and stay hydrated. Adding AC to your home could cost you a few thousand, but it will increase the house's value by as much as 10%. Call your local HVAC company and discuss your options. Installation usually takes a few days, and the HVAC technician will determine what needs to be done to prepare your home for AC. Your current ducts might be fine, but if they're leaky, you could lose cool air and money. If you don't have any ducts, the technician will need to either install them (which could cost another few thousand dollars) or choose a ductless system. You may think that because you're already sweating, you might as well wait for the fall, but it doesn't take long to have AC installed, and you'll reap the benefits immediately. In Orlando, we rely on working air conditioning all year, making regular scheduled maintenance a must for any home or commercial property.


Install an inground pool.

What's better than your own swimming pool during the hot summer months? A new pool gives you somewhere to cool off and entertain guests. Your backyard will become much more popular with friends and family once you have an inground pool, and you'll love swimming every day. If you google "Professional pool contractors bradenton FL" you'll certainly find Olympus Pools, who can create a fantastic oasis in your backyard. They can install an inground pool, water feature, spa, and even an outdoor kitchen. Your home becomes an incredible vacation getaway when you have these amazing features in the backyard. They'll work with you to find the pool design that best fits your space and price range. Creating a gorgeous, custom space will take a little time, but it's never too late to start. Give them a call to discuss your options. Swimming has plenty of health benefits, and just lounging by the pool will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the fall.

Create a lounge in the basement.

Summer remodels are all about creating fun spaces. Turning your basement into a lounge will give you an amazing place to entertain. You can choose a theme for the space that best fits your needs. If you picture playing pool and drinking with buddies, buy a pool table and create a bar that you can keep fully stocked. If you and the family love watching movies, design a private movie theater with surround sound and a popcorn maker. With the right furniture, you can make a great space for yourself and guests. You'll love designing this room and inviting friends over for a movie or game night. If you're concerned about funding this renovation, check out mortgage 101. You may be looking to buy a new home with a great basement space or to refinance your current mortgage so you have some extra funds. The experts can help you with your mortgage loan and monthly payment to understand the details of your finances.

Don't let the summer go by without making a few changes. A new pool, air conditioning, or great lounge space will help you enjoy the heat and long days.

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