Pressure Cleaning Melbourne - Everything You Need to Know

July 15, 2020


Patios, barbeque grills, lawn furniture, and your driveway are parts of your house that can gather dirt, dust, pollen, dried grass clippings, mildew, and the greasy film from polluted air, that makes them look old and outdated. You have tried water, soap, scrubbing, scouring, nasty chemicals, and everything you possibly can, but they are here to stay. It only means that it is time you call pressure cleaning services.


Pressure cleaning professional Melbourne
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When dust particles accumulate on your property, it can make them look dull and outdated. To make them look as good as new, call for the best pressure cleaning services ( provider close to you.


What is pressure cleaning?

Pressure cleaning or pressure washing is the use of high-pressure water spray to remove the undesired materials such as dirt, dust, mould, and grime from surfaces using a pressure washer. A pressure washer consists of an electric motor or gas engine, water inlet, water pump, high-pressure hose, and a cleaning attachment. The basic principle is that a diesel engine or electric motor powers the washer and the pump squirts out water through the cleaning attachment. The high-pressure of the jet cleans more effectively than the low-pressure hose-pipe that wastes more water and time. It is also called a jet washer and often confused with a power washer.


Pressure cleaning Melbourne is a service that is offered to cleaning surfaces that include the following.


  • Small deck, patio, and stairways
  • Driveways, sidewalks, and walkways
  • Masonry, brick and concrete area such as exterior facades of buildings
  • Softer surfaces, like wood decks, tiled areas, and sidings
  • Vehicles of all types like cars, busses, boats, and trucks


Pressure cleaning is not suitable for every surface, and should not be tried on laminar sandstone, any painted surface, asphalt roofing, stained wood, and any surface, area, or thing that is old and prone to damage.


The increasing demand for pressure cleaning in the market is also paving the way to a minor confusion. While pressure cleaning and pressure washing are used interchangeably, did you know that pressure washing and power washing are different from each other?


Pressure washing vs Power washing


Pressure washing and power washing have several things in common. To start with, they both use similar amounts of water pressure. The pressure applied depends on the type of machine used, whether it is an industrial machine or a household unit. One key element that differentiates between the two is that power washer uses a heating element. While both machines produce a powerful stream of high-pressure water, power washer heats the water. Though it seems to be a small difference, the result of the service varies widely.


What are the benefits of pressure cleaning?

Pressure washing Melbourne is perfect for giving a surface a facelift. It is the easiest way to keep an area looking clean and spruced up and far more necessary than most people think it is. Here are some of its benefits.


  • It is a cheaper alternative

Investing in pressure cleaning services is far cheaper than making major changes to your home exteriors. When pollutants attach to the exterior of your home, your immediate thought would be costly home improvement. But pressure washing is a far better and cheaper alternative as it washes out tough dirt, leaving behind exteriors that look as good as new. In addition, it offers the following benefits.

    • It reduces the cost of repair on the outside of your home and increases its lifespan as it reduces rot, decay, and premature aging.
    • It protects against injury caused by pollutants and promotes the health of the surface
    • It improves curb appeal as well as the value of the property


  • It is easy to use

Pressure washing is easier than the traditional method of cleaning that requires you to scrub hard or use chemicals to remove stubborn pollutant. It is convenient as most of the hard work is done by the unit used to clean. Besides, it does not have any adverse effects on your health like traditional cleaning does. You maintain an upright position while using the pressure washing unit while cleaning the stubborn debris.


  • It is a time-saver

Pressure washing can be done on your own, or you can call the best service provider to do it for you. When you compare it with the standard method of cleaning, this procedure saves you time as there is no endless scrubbing, mixing of cleaning agents, or any strenuous activity. The pressure washing unit is efficient and effective, and offers you a clean surface with little efforts within minutes. Also, as it limits the use of chemicals and water, it is considered to be environmentally friendly as well.

Pressure cleaning or pressure washing is just one element of having your premises cleaned that can benefit you immensely. The simple procedure protects not only the health of your property but also the health of your loved one. Schedule pressure washing for your property today and let skilled professionals make the property look as good as new.


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