Reasons to Hire Blocked Drain Plumbers in Chichester, West Sussex

July 21, 2020


Is your sink drain sluggish? Are you welcomed by a nasty odour every time you open the bathroom door? Well, these signs are a clear indicator of dealing with a blocked drain, which is an amazingly common household plumbing problem.


Most homeowners try plunging the toilet an endless number of times, use a multitude of home remedies, or purchase expensive chemicals in the hope of resolving the issue. Anyhow, most of them resolve the problem only temporarily until the drainage system shows new signs of malfunction.


Fortunately, there are numerous drain unblocking service providers, like, who are equipped to giving solutions for any type of blocked sinks, toilets, pipes, and showers. These plumbing experts use a variety of high-tech tools to assess the damage and choose the most appropriate technique.


Take a look at the most frequent blocked drain causes and the main reasons for hiring professional assistance.


Most common causes


Hair is undoubtedly one of the most common causes of drain clogs, as it usually binds with soap and grease to form knots. Hair build-ups are most frequent in the bathroom, particularly in the bathtub and shower. In order to prevent blockage, the hair isn’t supposed to reach the entry of pipes. Therefore, homeowners are strongly advised to use a hair strainer guard, which impedes hair from travelling down the drain.


Soap is another frequent cause of blocked drains due to being made with grease, which eventually results in soap scum. The main soap ingredients gradually accumulate in pipes, thus causing a surprising reduction of their diameter over time. The more the pipe diameter gets reduced the greater the chances of a blocked drain. Soap is also capable of binding with hair and dirt, which even further increases the chances of clogs.


Dirt is an often neglected enemy of clogged pipes both inside the house and in the garden. Most homeowners fail to realize that the dirt they send down the drain eventually causes a blockage. Similar to soap and hair, dirt is capable of combining with grease and other sticky substances that form clogs.


When it comes to your garden, the most common blockages are caused by leaves and other types of natural debris. Also, roots are infamous for inducing such problems, as they access drains while growing underground, looking for a source of water. Therefore, make sure you remove natural debris from your garden as much as you can. Remember to water your trees regularly in order to prevent roots from blocking drains.



Grease build-up is an enemy of kitchen sinks, which gradually leads to blockage of pipes. The moment any kind of fatty substance is sent down the sink, grease sticks to pipes, thus continuously reducing its diameter. Consequently, grease blocks the entire interior of pipes, which prevents water from passing through. Since this substance is rather stubborn when it comes to removing, make sure you don’t use your kitchen sink for washing fatty substances.


Another enemy of kitchen sinks is unquestionably food waste, particularly in the form of coffee grounds or tea leaves. Regardless of the garbage disposal system, all homeowners are strongly advised against throwing food ingredients into kitchen sinks. Instead, you’re recommended to purchase a compost bin and use it for the purpose of food disposal. Click here to check out some useful tips for food disposal and minimizing food waste.


Furthermore, drains can be clogged by flushing wipes and nappies down the toilet, which is a common habit among homeowners. Apart from toilet paper, no other bulky objects should be disposed of in the toilet. Additionally, females are strongly advised against flushing cotton swabs and tampons down the drain, as these products are known for expanding once they absorb water. For instance, a tampon might not seem like a bulky object but it becomes ten times bigger the minute it gets soaked in water.


Besides being blocked by the above-mentioned substances and objects, drains are likely to get clogged due to pipe problems. For example, a blockage may arise from poor pipe installation or from a broken pipe, which isn’t always easy to diagnose. In most cases, bad installation leads to poor water flow, being extremely common in households. Once you notice a reduction in water pressure, make sure you hire a professional to take care of the issue before it evolves into a worse problem.



Reasons to hire professional assistance


Although most homeowners prefer using DIY tricks to unclog their household drains, these only provide a temporary solution, not a permanent one. Instead of wasting time on using a myriad of home remedies, plumbing experts can prevent such problems from happening by performing professional drain cleaning and plumbing services. These are the main reasons for hiring such experts.


Prevent pipe system damage


One of the major reasons for hiring blocked drain plumbers is preventing severe pipe damage that might result from clogs. These professionals are capable of removing clogs by using advanced technology and high-tech gadgets, instead of various harmful chemicals.


Additionally, by using special video cameras, these plumbers can evaluate the exact level of blockage, thus choosing the most effective methods to take care of the problem. Owing to their extensive experience, clogged drain plumbers are experts in quick and efficient unclogging services, which prevent an even further pipe damage.



Although the most convenient way for most homeowners to deal with such plumbing issues is using harsh chemicals, bear in mind that these products will only cause greater pipe deterioration. Also, cleaners are known for being harmful to the health of family members and the environment when used improperly.


Eliminate unpleasant odours


Another important reason for hiring a plumbing expert is getting rid of the nasty odour, which is caused by a clogged drain. Nobody is fond of having a shower in an ill-smelling bathroom or cooking in a kitchen that smells like rotten eggs, instead of welcoming you with a delicious aroma. If the unpleasant odour persists for more than a couple of days, make sure you contact a professional to put an end to your trouble.


In addition, plumbers are capable of identifying the exact reason behind the nasty odour, which can be caused by hair build-up, soap scum, grease build-up, or food waste. The longer these substances remain in the pipeline, the greater the chances of causing an awful smell. The bad odour actually originates from the process of degradation when bacteria start feeding on the ingredients.


Fortunately, professional blocked drain plumbers are armed with a variety of tools, each of them capable of providing an effective solution to the problem. By employing the right tools and techniques to unclog the drain, these professionals will eliminate every single trace of the unpleasant smell.


Get rid of pests


Pests have a habit of nesting in dirty drains, thus increasing the risk of invading your home. These nasty creatures affect the cleanliness of your house, which eventually harms your family’s health.


However, plumbing experts can remove the dirt from your drain pipes, thus making them spotlessly clean. As a result, pests will no longer consider the pipeline as their home, which automatically reduces the number of insects wandering around the house.


Protect the health of your family


Apart from pests, bacteria and mould have a tremendous impact on the health of household members, although being often neglected by homeowners. As previously mentioned, bacteria play a major role in the degradation of substances that get clogged in pipes. These microorganisms require moist conditions to thrive, thus considering pipelines as the perfect place to grow.


Since mould is also fond of dampness, it’s capable of spreading amazingly quickly and exposing the entire family to its harmful effects. The longer family members are exposed to bacteria and mould the higher the risk of developing infections and illnesses. Such exposure to fungi is particularly damaging to people suffering from respiratory problems like asthma, as it gradually worsens their symptoms.


Nevertheless, hiring professional plumbers to unclog even the most minor blockage impedes bacteria and mould from thriving. Due to the lack of substances and moisture, these fungi won’t have anything to feed on.


Professional equipment


Unlike homeowners, plumbing experts use the latest technology to perform maintenance and repair drain services. For instance, these professionals are armed with high-pressure hoses that remove any type of clogs in pipelines. The portability and connectors of these hoses enable them to be easily connected to any kind of drain.


Owing to the myriad of useful tools, plumbers provide fast and effective unclogging in comparison with the amount of time and effort that homeowners invest in performing the same task. Most of them are prepared to try every single DIY unclogging tip they found online or heard from their friends at the cost of causing even worse pipe damage.


Save money


The reluctance of homeowners for hiring professional plumbing services is most commonly triggered by financial reasons. Anyhow, instead of saving money on handling the problem by themselves, most of them end up spending a large portion of their budget on repairs and water bills.


On the other hand, using regular drain cleaning services prevents severe plumbing issues from happening, which are known to be quite costly. For instance, you’ll minimize the risk of burst pipes, corroded pipelines, and water contamination. Also, owing to the optimal water pressure, you’ll be paying lower water bills.


Furthermore, when dealing with a clog on your own, you’re likely to splurge plenty of money on tools and cleaners, which might not even be efficient. Bear in mind that the budget you’ll invest in purchasing equipment and cleaning products would be better spent on hiring professional plumbing services.


Prevent future plumbing issues from happening


Ultimately, another major reason for using regular drain cleaning services is the prevention of costly plumbing problems that might arise any time soon. A professional plumber would warn you about your rusted pipework, thus suggesting an immediate replacement to avoid a serious defect. It’s paramount to follow the guidelines and suggestions of these experts so as to prolong the lifetime of your drainage system.


Bottom line

Make sure you hire the right plumbing expert to take care of your drainage system!


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