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Refurbish Your Living Room With These 6 Flawless Ways


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What is the first room people enter your house or any house, really? The drawing-room! This is the place where your house begins, and before people get inside your kitchen or bedroom, they would already have made their first impression of your home.

This is why it is so crucial to make a good living room.

Now, you do not have to be a professional interior designer to do justice to your house; you just have to check out the list we have made for you. We have combined 6 things, which can spice up any dull living room. Without any further small talk, let’s get to business.

The windows:

A properly ventilated underground hut is better than a giant castle with no windows. You need to get some fresh air, and thus, while planning the design of your living room, you should include various windows around it. You may think it would rather be intrusive for your privacy, but now you can find cool solutions for that in curtains and roman blinds. They don’t just shield you from the outside world but provide ventilation when needed.

The right furniture:

A woman, no matter how pretty, would always look much better with beautiful ornaments draped around her. That is exactly the case with a living room, and the right furniture is the right ornament any living room needs. You may go for a wood-based dining set or perhaps minimal steel chairs, depending on what your taste is. However, you should ensure that your furniture is convertible and doesn’t take in too much space.

The props:

Furniture is not supposed to be used as a prop! Props refer to artsy sculptures or light pieces that add more character to a place. You could go for bling chandeliers or simple light holders, whatever your style is, make sure your living room can expand that concept or your guests to soak in the vibe you want!

The plants:

Plants often make up for elegant yet useful props. Especially if you are someone who is drawn towards nature, make your own jungle! You could go for plants of all shapes and sizes. Want to spice up the “all-natural” look a bit more!? Go for seasonal flowering plants. You could also make use of hanging pots and reinvent your own vertical garden every few months.

Don’t forget to water them, and you should ideally face those pots in the east where they can receive ample sunlight. With a little splash of green in your living room, you would never run out of vibrancy or oxygen!

The colour scheme:

Now that we are juxtaposing green into the living room, why not play with more colours. If you are more introverted, you should go for a pastel shade. If you are more extroverted, you will find your home becoming the grounds for various group hangouts, night stays, and parties. In that case, your house should be all shades of vibrancy. Add some red, yellow, blue, and pink. Do not be afraid to experiment with posters too. The right poster on the right wall can make it a great selfie spot.

The flooring:

They say, your feet are the first thing people notice about you. So naturally, the floor isn’t too far from your guests’ gaze. You want to impress them with a beautiful floor. If you re more grounded, you should play with ceramic tiles and wooden flooring. However, if you love your quirks, why not play with optical illusions.

Not just that, you should also maintain your floor, keeping the best standards of neatness in mind. A dirty floor can turn your visitors off regardless of the creativity you have put in.


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