The benefits of pressure cleaning high rise buildings

July 23, 2020

Tall buildings form part of the fabric of a city. An impressive skyline puts a commercial district on the map. But, when those buildings start to lose their shine, the entire district can begin to look rundown.

High-rise buildings, in particular, are exposed to elements, and debris, bird waste, pollution, and even graffiti start to take a toll on their appearance. Keeping a building looking it's best is easier and more hassle-free than one might imagine when a team is hired to perform high pressure cleaning on a high rise building.

Adding pressure cleaning to form part of a regular maintenance program is advisable. If the grime is left too long, the pressure washing will take longer to remove the various contaminants that build-up, or even fail to totally remove staining on the facade. Over time contaminants can even lead to damage to the building if not dealt with timeously. For a free home or business inspection, you can go now to visit the website of GWS Pressure Cleaning which has been Serving all the prominent neighborhoods of Miami, Florida, for years providing premium pressure cleaning services.

How pressure washing works

Pressure washers use blasts of water (cold, hot, or steam) emitted from a pump. This intensity forces debris to fall away. That's because the pressure generates kinetic energy which breaks up the dirt and grime that has become chemically bonded. Depending on the contaminant and building surface, detergents and soaps can be used to loosen the elements as well, which are then washed away by the gas-powered washer. Their performance is measured by:

  • Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI)
  • Horse Power (HP) of the engine
  • The temperature of the water and steam
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM) flow rate

Let's take a look at why responsible building owners, body corporates, or managing agents choose the pressure cleaning system to maintain a high rise building under their care.

  1. It boosts curb appeal

A grimy, worn-out looking building gives the impression that the building is old and that possibly internal maintenance has not been addressed either. If it looks that bad on the outside, it must be shabby inside too, right? While it may not be true, the impression the outside of the building gives off will affect the perceptions of those looking to buy an office or apartment. Less demand translates into a lower price one can demand too.

Regular pressure washing – done annually or every five years depending on the state or age of the building – undoubtedly boosts this ‘curb appeal’ property agents refer to, and keeps the market price high. You don’t want potential tenants or investors to be put off by the sight of a building because they judge it by its appearance.

2. It makes for a healthier environment

A building that is kept clean - both on the outside and inside – makes for a healthier environment for those living or working there. They will likely feel more comfortable, safe, and motivated because they work in a clean, well-maintained building. They will probably be happier and healthier and importantly for any business – more productive.

3. It saves on maintenance costs

With regular pressure cleaning of high-rise buildings, one of the major benefits is that it helps preserve a commercial building facade. For example, sulfur, nitrogen oxides, and acid rain drive façade deterioration. There are ‘natural’ contaminants that damage walls too. Creeper plants cause persistent moisture on walls and interrupt the rainwater disposal equipment. Moisture leads to mildew and mould issues and will degrade the wall surface. They also cause the infrastructure of a building to age prematurely – you’ll need to fix or replace them more often.

Add these up and you could find there is water penetrating the building, debris about to fall off, and even façade failure. These situations can be dangerous and costly to repair. Routine maintenance of the building façade with save you the time, hassle, and money because regular pressure cleaning ensures that the contaminants are relatively easy to remove. When left for years, they become difficult to remove, which means you may have to look at repainting the building instead. Comparatively, pressure washing is inexpensive, quick, and highly effective.

If you still feel daunted by the idea of pressure washing a high-rise building, the best way to put yourself at ease is to consult with a reputable high-rise cleaning service. How do you know if you are working with a pro? Here’s a checklist to help you determine if they are the right team for the job. They should:

  • Have insurance. Ensure they are covered for accidental damage that may happen while their team is working on the building.
  • Have experience. Request a list of prior clients and determine how long they have been working in the high-pressure water cleaning game, and if they have enough experience to take on a high-rise building. Take it a step further and contact the building management of their past clients to get a report on their performance.
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