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Things Only a Civil Worker Knows


Civil workers have a very particular set of skills. Their unique skills are a result of years of hard work and dedication. Their skills are appreciated throughout their lives. Many online websites offer multitasking training to the civil construction industry to ensure the sharpening of the skills of hardworking workers.


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Civil workers enjoy their job for knowing exotic and unique things which others are not aware of. This makes their work even more demanded and respected. Here is a list of things only the civil workers know.




Types of cements

There is a wide variety of cement that exists. A civil worker exactly knows about all the types of cement. He knows the constituents of all the types and can exactly tell you which cement you should be going for.


Technical names of all curves on road

Everyone knows that there are four types of roads but only a civil worker can tell you how to calculate the slope a road needs. They know how to design them perfectly by preventing the cars from sliding off and use the right equations to design a road perfectly.


Particle size

A civil worker knows the exact difference between the sizes of slit, sand and clay. Some of them even don’t have to calculate the sizes. They can just have a look at the soil and know it naturally. Apart from this amazing ability, they know which combinations of soil make better foundations. They know what needs to be done to the ground to make it suitable for construction and to everyone’s surprise, they don’t have to do any maths for it, just one look and they know it.


Difference between concrete, cement and mortar

Most of the people confuse concrete with cement. They refer to concrete by cement their whole life only to get old one day and know that they had been wrong their whole lives. Concrete is actually cement with fine coarse aggregate. Cement alone is simply a binding material. Civil workers exactly know the difference between concrete, cement and mortar.


Structural loading calculations are just estimations

A civil worker knows that calculating loading values is a difficult and perplexed task. You get different answers using distinct methods.Civil workers realize that not a single loading calculation is 100 percent right so they don’t get into a hassle of finding the exact answer. They don’t waste any time, depend on the mean answer and get along with their work.


How fast is too fast for sewage in a pipe

A civil worker knows how to handle waste water. If a sewage flows too fast, it might result in pipe leakage or even a blowout. Civil workers know how fast is normal for sewage pipes to handle. Normal sewage flows 3 feet per second in horizontal pipes. Any value above it might be dangerous.


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