Tools You Need to Regularly Check Your Appliances and Equipment

July 9, 2020


A portable set of tools can facilitate you in fixing minor electric and plumbing problems at your home. It can be useful for checking appliances and equipment and you can easily fix some small problems without the technician. These tools can be helpful especially if you are moving to a new house. You can feasibly perform checks and do quick fixes on the damaged appliances and equipment. You may also be able to repair and restore certain equipment through these tools.


There are a wide range of tools available for check and repair, however you don’t need to buy all of them. Start slowly by picking basic tools which might be helpful in assessing your regularly used appliances and equipment. That said, don’t assume anything is broken and throw it way, it’s easier fixing it than buying new ones.


Moreover, you can browse through various DIY ideas you can easily perform at home using these simple tools.


In this article, we’ve curated a list of basic tools that you'll need to assess your appliances and equipment:


1. Screwdriver Set

Let’s start with the basics. A screwdriver helps you in disassembling and reassembling majority of your equipment. Go for hardened steel screwdrivers when purchasing a set.

Screwdrivers don’t require high maintenance; however, you need to make sure you handle it properly.


2. Pliers

A pair of pliers is a multi-purpose tool. They are commonly used for gripping but can perform additional tasks like bending and straightening wires, stripping insulation, and cutting wires.


3. Multimeter

Multimeters are used to measure voltage, current, and resistance. We all have electronic appliances at home, and they may encounter some problems time to time. Multimeters can perform some troubleshooting checks on electrical appliances.

When doing some checks, you might find some issues that need fixing. If in case your dryer has stopped working and you suspect its broken, assess whether the heating-element needs replacement.


4. Safety Glasses and Protective Gloves

When doing maintenance checks and repairs, safety and precautionary measures should always come first. Wear protective gloves and glasses, especially when dealing with delicate and reactive appliances and equipment, to minimize accidents.


5. Measuring Tape

As the name suggests, it measures, literally, everything. If you like DIY projects, this is a tool you will always need. If most of your equipment needs measuring, you already know what to get!


6. Utility Knife

There are serrated and straight blade styles. They’re shorter than kitchen knives and can be used for innumerable purposes. If you struggle with opening boxes, this is the tool you need to add to your tool collection. They are portable, you can even carry them in your pocket.


7. Hammer

Hammers are common tools we often use in our daily activities. They are used for driving in nails and pulling them out. If you have more wooden equipment at your place, a hammer should be an essential item in your toolbox.


Open Tool Box - Isolated


8. Duct Tape

Duct tapes fixes almost anything. They are used to patch broken items, leaking pipes, act as temporary bandages, and can catch flies. Duct tapes can withstand strong winds, and did we mention they are waterproof too!


9. Flashlight

Always remembered when there’s a power outage, we all know how beneficial a flashlight proves to be. They are substitutes to light bulbs when there’s an outage or where there’s no electricity.


10. Ladder

Ladders help us get to reach higher grounds or surfaces. If you must check some equipment on higher grounds like ceilings, a ladder is a mandatory tool in your toolset. All you need to do is to be careful not to fall as ladders may slide off.


11. Handsaw

Handsaws cut metal and wood. If you excessively work with wood and wood equipment, a handsaw is essential for cutting and trimming. You can add a handsaw for cutting metal, if you deem it important.


12. Respirators and Dust Masks

Respirators protect us from inhaling toxic substances. They are worn over the nose and mouth and are essential for people who deal with hazardous equipment more often.

Dust masks are used when you’re working in dusty areas or the equipment might spread dust while you’re working to fix it.


13. Power Drill

Power drills make holes on walls, wood, plastic, and metal. Power drills are easier to use as compared to the hammers and nails, They can also drill into concrete. There are industrial and domestic power drills, be sure to get the one you need.


14. Zip Ties

These are also known as cable ties. They are simple but important. Zip ties are used for binding and fastening. If you have any underlying wires, you can use them to bind them together. Zip ties help in organizing items.


Parting Lines

The aforementioned tools are easy on the pocket and need little maintenance. If you’re familiar with the handling and repair using these tools, you’ll minimize the need to hire a technician. Nonetheless, you must consult the professional technician in case of a major issue. Most importantly, if you have these tools at home, you need to keep them out of reach of children.


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