Top 4 Tips For Apartment Hunting With A Disability

July 16, 2020

Finding Your New Rental Home

Being disabled will put you in a position where you face difficult challenges, however, there is good news. Modern society has been specifically constructed to give everyone a spot where they can flourish as much as it’s possible for them to. In the United States specifically, this state of affairs is unprecedented historically.

It may be a time when there’s a window to disability amenities. There are political trends in play now that could very well result in national bankruptcy, and so funding to such therapeutically-aligned projects and associated incentives may wane. Provided America remains a free country, your disability need not restrict you to uncomfortable lodgings.

That said, even in ideal circumstances, finding your best lodging option can be complicated. There are a lot of things you want to consider, and the following writing can’t cover them all. However, in general terms, the following four tips can do much to help you find just the sort of leasing situation matching you and your disabilities.

Assure Qualification Beforehand, Co-Opt The Internet

First, know what you’re going to qualify for prior your hunt. What do your finances look like, what government assistance do you have, and what sort of issues might crop up in light of these things? Once you understand what your specific situation is, you’ll be better suited to narrow down your search to the best possible choices.

From there, you want to be sure you put the internet to work for you. Certainly, local periodicals and other print publications can help you find some excellent deals, as can word-of-mouth. Sometimes you can find a room or one whole section of a house for rent that was previously occupied by someone with your disability.

However, it’s more likely that these avenues will prove dead ends in your hunt. With the internet, by contrast, you can look at a larger cross-section of available opportunities than you’d be able to otherwise.

Sometimes the solution you’re looking for is just a few miles out of the community you had intended. Also with the internet comes the potential to conduct virtual tours of potential rental units, which can be fundamental depending on your disability.

Senior Citizen Units Are Often Designed For Disabled Renters

Many facilities among senior citizen communities are designed for residents with disabilities. Now granted, you may be younger than the average lodger in such a situation, but that doesn’t mean you’re unable to secure a unit—and it will definitely be in a quiet community of respectful neighbors. Keep in mind, even such communities must make money.

This means that, though a certain class of renter is preferred, you may very well have an opportunity even if you’re younger. You could even prove helpful enough to secure a sort of trade arrangement in terms of your rent. Barring that, you can be assured that senior living communities will definitely have options regarding moving.

Most in such communities simply can’t lift the possessions they own, and so they’ve either got to rely on family (which is probably in short supply if they’re in a senior living community), or they’ve got to find options such as UMoveFree to do the job. Accordingly, going this route can help you save a lot of unnecessary complication in the move itself.

Service Animals Are Still Legal With A No-Pet Policy

Service animals represent a legal category that can make it so even the most strict no-pet apartments are not restricted to you. For example, if you had a visual disability requiring a trained canine, you can’t be denied residency based on your disability—at least not in the majority of cities, counties, and states.

Be sure to check into local law, as there are idiosyncrasies in communities across the country. In general, you shouldn’t have any problem with a service animal. That said, what constitutes a service animal, and associated protections may have some degree of variance. Be sure to check into this for your state using the internet or consult your NDIS plan management agent for more info.

Newer Properties Tend To Have More Amenities

Newer facilities must necessarily adhere to modern code requirements. Not all renters will have disability amenities, but many will. New units are a lot more likely to have options for those contending with some sort of disability. Depending on what you’re dealing with, starting your search with newer units may make sense; and they’ll certainly be easier to find online.

Finding Rental Options To Assist Your Disability

Disabilities are hard to live with, but they need not limit you in terms of residency. Know what you qualify for, use the internet, keep an eye on newer properties, don’t neglect senior living facilities, and remember that service animals should be allowed in virtually any lease community regardless of their general pet policy. Follow these tips, and you’ll find your ideal unit.

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