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3 Major Types Of Hot Water Systems for Your Home

The Northern Beaches is a region in Sydney where people can enjoy the great outdoors and experience the rich Australian culture. The area includes the famous Sydney Harbour in the south, the Middle Harbour in the west, and the edges of the Broken Bay in the north. Locals and tourists visit the region because of its world-class surf beaches and picturesque ocean pools. They also frequent the area for some penguin and dolphin watching. Aside from these activities, the Northern Beaches is also popular for its annual Taste of Manly event that takes place every May. Music lovers also head over to the area each October for its Manly’s Jazz Festival. Because of these events, more than 250,000 people living in the region as of 2016 are fortunate to experience these attractions all the time.

More people began moving into this part of Sydney since the 1960s when the roads leading to the suburbs improved, and the living standards in the region started to improve. For this reason, more houses began to sprout within the district. More houses are being built or developed in the area, which is why homeowners look for home conveniences like hot water systems to provide an uninterrupted supply of hot water for their households. For those who intend to install this system at home, they need a Northern Beaches hot water company that can help set up this system in their property. They also need to choose which type would work best, depending on their needs.

Here are the top three types of hot water systems that every homeowner from Northern Beaches can get for their homes.

Electric Hot Water Systems

The electric hot water systems are one of the most prevalent water systems in most houses in Australia today. People choose it because it is usually cheaper and more convenient to install, especially if they already have a running electric water system in the past. However, it has the highest running costs among all the other hot water options in the market today.

If the homeowner wants to avail an electric hot water system but would rather save up on their energy consumption, they need to look for a heat-pump hot water system. It typically runs like the usual air conditioner or refrigerator. But instead of emitting cold air, it keeps the water hot by moving heat from a specific place to another rather than generating direct heat.

Gas Hot Water Systems 

For those who want to get a hot water system without paying a high price, they can get the gas version for their homes. However, it only becomes an effective option if there is a piped natural gas present in the area. Fortunately, Northern Beaches residents can enjoy this type of hot water system at home.

If there is no natural gas available, an LPG gas is necessary to make the gas hot water systems work. But this option can become more expensive compared to the natural sources.

Renewable Energy Hot Water Systems

Nowadays, more homeowners want to reduce their carbon footprints in every item that they invest in for their properties. This type of hot water system is often more expensive, yet it can help homeowners save more money in the long run. It only needs the energy from the sun to operate, so the homeowners no longer have to pay high-energy fees or purchase an LPG tank to have a steady supply of hot water.


Those who want to invest in renewable energy hot water systems should make sure that they live in an area with a steady amount of sunlight. They can contact a reliable Northern Beaches hot water company to check if the location of the house has a direct solar source to provide power for their hot water system.

Picking the right hot water system could be a complicated task if homeowners do not have an idea of what to get in the first place. They can talk to the experts from a credible plumbing company to get more information regarding the type of hot water system to install in their property. Once they get the type of hot water system for their home, they can enjoy sufficient amounts of hot water for different purposes.


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