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5 Benefits Impact Windows and Doors Can Add to Your Home

Impact windows and doors are one of the best investments to protect your home against the powerful force of a hurricane. These doors and windows come designed to resist flying projectiles from hurricane-force winds.

Each of these products undergoes a rigorous testing process to withstand the force of mother nature. Besides offering hurricane protection, impact products also provide many additional benefits for homeowners and building contractors.

Here are five more reasons why you should consider adding impact windows and doors to your home.

#1) Improve Curb Appeal

One of the easiest ways to increase your home’s value is to purchase impact windows and doors. These products are available in a variety of designs to best match the style of your house. A few of the most popular styles for impact doors include sliding glass, patio, and French doors.

Reaching out to a local contractor is a great way to learn more about all available options. Installing impact products throughout your home can often result in a lower insurance premium due to their state of the art design for safety.

#2) Save on Energy

Another reason to consider impact windows and doors for your home is that it can significantly reduce your energy bill. Impact products come specially designed to keep your home warm during the winter months while minimizing the heat gain during the summer.

The multiple layers of bonded glass, along with a plastic interlayer, dramatically increases energy efficiency compared to traditional windows or doors. These savings can quickly add up and save you a significant amount of money over an extended period.

#3) Reduce Outside Noise

One of the biggest complaints of living in an urban environment is the constant noise. A steady flow of traffic or dogs barking throughout the night can create an unpleasant situation in your home.

However, installing impact windows and doors is one of the best ways to reduce outside noise due to the thick laminated glass and strong framing materials. You can relax while watching TV or sleep peacefully at night without getting interrupted by loud external noises outside of your home.

#4) Increase Security

Finding ways to maximize security for your home is essential to gaining peace of mind. Impact windows and doors are designed with an inner membrane to prevent the glass from shattering due to a blunt force break-in.

This added level of security makes it almost impossible for criminals to break-in to your home. You can comfortably rest at night or go on an extended vacation without worrying about someone breaking into your home.

#5) Protection from UV Rays

One of the often-overlooked benefits of impact doors and windows is that it provides you with additional protection from UV rays. This feature is especially important in Florida, which is known as the “Sunshine State.”

Impact products use Low-E glass that filters out harmful UV rays that can cause substantial damage to your flooring, furniture, and drapes. Impact windows and doors are a great way to extend your household items’ lifespan while also keeping you and your family safe from UV rays.

Hurricanes are always a constant threat, as impact windows and doors provide the ultimate protection against mother nature’s massive force. However, impact products also offer many additional benefits, such as boosting your curb appeal, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing outside noise. These products are also an excellent way to increase your home’s security and keep your items well-protected from UV rays.

You can check out these free informative guides from Alco about impact windows and doors to learn more!

Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez is the founder and owner of Alco Windows and Doors. Coming from a family with more than 15 years of experience in the glass and glazing industry, Luis used his background knowledge to found a company dedicated to providing quality service and support for those looking to protect their loved ones from severe weather. A retired veteran who served in the Marine Corps, Luis uses his military experience to effectively run Alco. His attention to timeliness guarantees efficient installations focused on meeting planned deadlines. His background in preparation and organization ensures flawless window and door projects, no matter the job size. His leadership experience promises a “job well done” mindset from every member of the Alco team – from salespeople to installation professionals. A graduate of Florida International University with a degree in Mathematics, Luis takes time to give back to the community by serving as an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College. He believes homes are built around people supporting one another, and his dedication to his home in South Florida ensures Alco Windows and Doors will always put the customer’s safety and satisfaction first.


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