5 Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

August 24, 2020

Depending on your location, it can be challenging to keep yourself and your home toasty throughout the long winter months. Following these tips listed below can help you stay warm during this chilly season.

Check your heating system.

To keep your heating system functioning well, have it serviced often. Scheduling professional preventive maintenance inspections or check-ups of your heating system and furnace before the onset of cold temperatures prevents large and small problems during winter months. For that you can consult best furnace repair service in Toronto.

Giving your heating system a tune-up can improve its energy efficiency and reduce your heating costs. This same principle applies to the air conditioner during the hot temperatures and humidity of the summer months. Homeowners who notice mold or moisture around their AC unit or feel warm air blowing through the vent even after winter’s gone should consult a professional air conditioner maintenance service. Expert HVAC technicians can protect your HVAC system through regular maintenance, repairs, replacements, installations, seasonal and annual tune-ups of AC units, and warranty offers you can trust. Technicians perform inspections of all types of filters, seals, controls, and test systems. Such air conditioning services result in more efficient air conditioning and a clean filter that improves airflow and indoor air quality.

Stay dressed in layers.

Bundling up in layers is a practical solution because layered clothing ensures you’re warm enough when you go out into cold weather while allowing you to peel off any clothing that may cause you to overheat when you’re inside.

When getting dressed, consider the fabric and materials of the clothes you choose to layer. For your first layer, wear material like polyester or silk that can wick the sweat from your skin. Avoid wearing a cotton shirt as your base if you can—cotton absorbs moisture, but it won’t evaporate. Sweatshirts, fleeces, and sweaters work well as the middle layer, providing insulation. The trick is to make sure these items are snug but aren’t too tight. The outer layer of clothing serves to block rain and wind.

Keep your extremities warm with waterproof gloves and socks. Additionally, wearing a hat that provides ear covering, and a scarf is a good idea to protect yourself against cold weather. Buying scarves from a reliable women's scarf brand ahead of winter can prepare you for dropping temperatures. Through the right retailer, you can find fashionable women's scarves to wear with jackets, coats, and sweaters. A collection of oblong, square, and neck scarves is available for shoppers at Chico’s. These scarves come in various prints and colors, enhancing the look of any outfit. The most versatile accessories, these scarves are suitable for wear in any season and look good around the neck, styled as wraps, or worn through belt loops.

Consider getting an area rug.

An area rug can act as insulation between your feet and the floor, keeping you from having contact with a cold surface. The perfect rug for wintertime is a thick one with a high stitch count. Rugs that aren’t loose are less likely to let cold air circulate easily. Try getting a thick rug that covers most or all of the floor.

Don’t rely on alcohol.

Alcohol causes skin blood vessels to expand, which can make you feel warmer, but actually, your core body temperature decreases. Consuming alcohol redistributes heat, drawing it away from vital organs. Blood vessels usually constrict in low temperatures to direct your blood to critical organs, but alcohol reverses this process.

Consume hot food and beverages.

During winter months, you can benefit from cooking hot foods like soups, stews, chili, and porridge. Plus, there are so many fun warming drinks to pair with your food or on their own. Consuming warm food and beverages can warm your core. In addition to warming you up, cooking hot meals at home eliminates the need to go to restaurants to eat, allowing you to save money and avoid going out into the cold.

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