Avoid These Mistakes When Planning Your Next Bathroom Remodeling Project

August 10, 2020

Moving things around, unnecessarily falling victim to peer pressure, selecting the wrong flooring, etc., are some bathroom remodeling mistakes you should avoid.

The margin for error on home renovation projects is very less. If you get your decisions and selections bang on, you have an amazingly functional and beautiful bathroom at your disposal. Get it wrong and you will keep regretting all the heavy investments you had made on your renovation project.

Even though many people take help from articles like these to understand the entire process, they end up making some critical mistakes. In this article, we talk to leading design experts and ask them about bathroom remodelling mistakes.

However, before we get to the list of mistakes, let us first look at why people should take bathroom remodelling seriously.

Why Bathroom Remodelling is a Serious Affair?

Let us cut the clatter, explain why bathroom renovations are important and should be taken seriously. For starters, the process itself is cumbersome and time-consuming. You do not want too much back and forth in your renovation process.

Secondly, anyone who says that bathroom renovation is cheap is lying. You will end up spending more on just the bathroom fittings than you would on a new living room sofa! That is a fact, which you can investigate for yourself.

Thirdly, social media has given rise to one highly irritable aspect of our lives- ‘trending’. What trends one season, becomes obsolete the next. This makes people chase the latest trends and bathroom renovation turns into a yearlong affair.

Finally, hygiene and sanitation play a major role in the bathroom space. It is important that you check for adequate drainage and proper sanitation in the bathroom renovation process.

Top Mistakes you should avoid during the Bathroom Renovation Process

  1. Working with the wrong materials-

Even though the wood looks regal and grand, it requires constant maintenance and comes with high servicing costs. If you are not selecting the right wood, you can see a number of issues within a few months, including moulding and rotting. Many people make the mistake of thinking about one-time costs when they should think about services and maintenance.

  1. Losing focus on the functionality part-

A bathroom is not about all the ‘wows’ you will get from outsiders. It is about you using it on an everyday basis. Once the euphoria ends, functionality will start appearing to be more important than mere design. This is why you should plan the spaces accordingly, as well as invest in the right fittings, plumbing and flooring.

  1. Being driven by peer pressure-

Many people (who can be considered as well-wishers) might tell you to do a number of things during the makeover. From suggesting designers to helping, you pick out products for your bathroom renovation. Be sure to consider the renovation, not as some sort of competition over the most expensive bathtub, or the most aesthetic ceiling chandelier.

  1. Engaging in DIY Projects-

Do you know why DIY bathroom renovation projects appear to be easily done on the screen when in reality, they are impossible to execute? This is because experts, who have tried and tested their expertise, present the same to you and force you to do the same on your bathroom. It is important to avoid such DIY mistakes and to trust an expert for the job always.

  1. Leaving some pending work for a later time-

Sometimes the bathroom renovation goes on for such a long time, which you just want it to end. This makes you compromise on the final touches, which can be very important. These small niggles act as a huge source of the irritant. Most Houston residents looking to remodel their bathroom state that it is essential to complete all the work and then end the renovation.

The Final Word

While eliminating these mistakes in their entirety might not be possible, attempts should be made to cut down on them. Can you think of other simple mistakes, which we often overlook? Let us know below.

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