Building Inspector in Sydney: Reasons You Should Invest In These Services

August 29, 2020

Many people forego using a professional to assess a new home before buying in Sydney. It is a risk that can either prove to be fortunate or financially detrimental.

When you factor in the considerable investment costs for a home and the potential for excessive repairs which could equate to substantial expenses, it makes sense to employ the services of an inspector for a building and termite assessment. For guidance on the importance of these assessments go to .

The Purpose Of A Pre-Purchase Building Inspector

The object for the inspection is to detect structural flaws, safety hazards, neglected maintenance that needs completing, and major defects with the property.

The inspector will perform his assessment and advise the intended buyer of the results including the found defects, where they are located, and what it will take to rectify the issues.

In the final step of the report, the buyer will be advised as to where the home rates are as far as ‘above average’, ‘average’, or ‘below average’ compared to homes that equate in age but that are relatively up-to-date with maintenance.

The idea is to advise the intended purchaser of what the imminent repairs are and what things can wait, along with the cost for each item. In this way, you are better informed to negotiate your position with the sellers.

Something to take into consideration as a possible first-time homebuyer is all homes including those that are new will have certain issues, particularly minor maintenance issues.

The things to be most concerned with are more significant defects. But these are challenging to pick up simply by doing a walkthrough. It takes careful inspection from a professional who knows exactly what to look for and where to find it such as with a

Building Services Sydney building inspector. Choosing to skip this inspection means you are at the mercy of the sellers’ full disclosure. That does not always prove practical.

Reasons To Invest In A Pre-purchase Building Inspection Before Buying A Home

Buying a home is most likely one of the biggest investments most people will make in Sydney. You need to ensure that you take every precaution to protect the investment throughout the process.

It’s not practical to base your final decision on a simple walk through the property. There are a great many limitations with this process keeping you from realizing serious problems. Therefore many people employ the services of a pre-purchase building inspection to assess the house thoroughly for all defects and flaws. Some things an inspection can produce that a walkthrough cannot include:

** Infestation Of Termites

During a home inspection, there are a few things that need to be done in an effort to detect termites. These are not pests that roam freely as with other insects. Many testing processes are implemented by an expert in order to make an accurate determination.

** Using A Mate Who Is a Builder For Your Inspection

It is strongly recommended that home buyers avoid having friends who specialize in building homes inspect the houses intended for purchase. In many cases, a home builders don't carry adequate equipment needed to do a proper inspection nor do these individuals offer

the necessary time in order to complete the steps for a sufficient assessment. A house needs to be literally gone over from top to bottom, every nook and cranny with this particular service using tests, techniques, and equipment specialized for these professionals. It is a time-intensive process and one that cannot be rushed through.

** Receiving A Quality Assessment

A pre-purchase building inspection needs to be performed by a reputable, qualified inspector. The job of this professional is to, without bias, accurately create a report on the condition of the intended property for purchase that explains in simplified terms the work that needs to be completed in an effort to rectify the flaws that have been detected. This effort is made to help the potential buyer make a better-informed decision regarding their purchase.

These are performed before the finalization of a real estate contract. An expert inspector will look for any faults, damages, or defects to the property which can include extensive, expensive costs allowing you to determine if the property will be worth purchasing. The report can be an important negotiating tool or a reason to cancel the contract altogether.

Final Thought

People get caught up in the ‘shopping’ component of buying a new home. It can be difficult when you fall in love with what looks like the ideal house in the perfect neighborhood in Sydney, only to be told it’s gone under contract with another client. Most people would rather push their sale through in order to get the home they want.

But what they don’t understand is they may be investing in a property that could cost them substantially more down the road in repairs because they chose to pass on the pre-purchase building inspection.

This assessment goes over the entire home in fine detail allowing the inspector to provide advice concerning the overall condition and what exact repairs need completing. You receive information as to what has to be done immediately and which faults can be delayed.

One of the objectives in these services is to expose any concealed defects that may have been hidden in an effort to have the property sell quickly or at an elevated price point. This can happen a lot more than people believe and is why people should never go into a contract without being thoroughly informed.

A simple walkthrough can only provide you with very limited access, most of which is merely cosmetics. All too often people are willing to use the results from this and the word of the sellers to make a final decision. This is an incredibly risky move for such a large, valuable, and long-term investment. For advice on the importance of inspecting a potential new home follow here.

Pre-purchase building inspectors take the risk out of the equation for you. These professionals tell you exactly what you’re investing in and what costs you have to look forward to in the future with repairs. Common sense would tell you to avoid the risks and invest further in an inspector.


Michael Tobias
Michael Tobias is the founder and principal of Nearby Engineers and New York Engineers, which is an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company in America. He leads a team of more than 30 mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineers from the company headquarters in New York City, and has led numerous projects in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, and California, as well as Singapore and Malaysia. He specializes in sustainable building technology and is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

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