How to Choose Right Type of Pool Fountain

August 30, 2020

diy pool fountain

Summer heats can be quite unbearable. One of the best ways to deal with them is swimming and bathing in a pool. A well-arranged landscape or some extra features can take your enjoyment to a higher level. Check out a DIY pool fountain that can help you out.

As seen on, accessories like pool fountains can make your swimming area look fabulous. Water in motion is a pleasure for all the senses. Its sound has a calming effect, and the sight of drops mixing with the air and the sun is outstanding.

Make Your Swimming Area Look Good

Several fountain models can be adapted to different sizes, shapes, and styles of pool construction. Still, keep in mind that this feature won't fit every swimming area. So choose this accessory carefully. Like everything else in your yard, it must fit into the landscape.

A good selection of features can turn even a 'boring' rectangular pool into a true oasis to enjoy. Customizing a swimming area means you can create a space according to your vision. With different types of fountains, your dream can come true. But if you're not quite sure if that's workable, you should consult a pool builder or exterior designer.

Floating Fountains

These features can look very attractive because it floats on the surface and is not directly attached to the walls. The only 'connection' of this fountain with a pool is a transparent hose that blends with water. Floating fountains are usually anchored to the bottom with a thin rope. Also, they are made of heavy materials that can't float around.

These models can be made in different shapes and dimensions, and are often suitable for smaller water surfaces. You can choose one or more jets, whether to 'throw' the water up or to the side, and so on. If you have a beach entrance to the pool, a pair of floating fountains will make it look even more spectacular.

The only 'flaw' of this water feature is that it's not kid-friendly. Kids rarely lay still on the water's surface but jump, dive, and swim most of the time. They may not see the anchor or clear hose, and damage the fountain or hurt themselves. Unless you have a huge swimming area or a separate section to put a floating fountain, better opt for another model. For more information about fountain visit this website

Poolside Sprayers

maxresdefault (1).jpg

The poolside pump fits perfectly into classic square swimming areas. It is also suitable for families or for commercial purposes. Kids will have a lot of fun swimming or playing under the water jets sprinkles all around. If you get a fountain with multi-colored lights, you can make your pool party or night swim even more exciting.

To make the whole scene even more appealing, you can choose whether the jets will be direct or sprayed into the mist. Drops mixed with the sun's rays will create a rainbow effect, so the whole scene can seem rather fairytale-like.

Apart from the fact that these features look attractive, fountains are quite useful. They are connected to pumps and spray water into the air, so they cool the pool. That comes in handy when its' too hot outside. When water starts to flow, it will lower the temperature. Other benefits of these features see on this link.


If you want a touch of spa or resort atmosphere in your swimming area, spillovers or water walls are something you should have. You have a choice of different models, depending on the size and shape of your swimming area.

Spillovers usually take place on the walls of square pools, where they act as small waterfalls. If you want something unusual, you can install particular vessels on edges from which water spills. This scene is fascinating to watch even when you're on the deck.

There are also fountain models that look like water curtains. They are suitable for swimming areas of irregular shape, or for those that have separate ponds. There, these features can be used as a barrier. With some LED lighting, you can create a romantic atmosphere. That way, you'll create a place to relax behind the curtain, hidden from views.

A beautiful yard that complements your home's look is a pleasing sight. Also, it's something that significantly affects the value of your property. If you have a swimming area with fountains, not only do you have space to enjoy and relax, but also something that is in high demand in the real estate market.

I hope you enjoyed this article on a DIY pool fountain. Now make yourself a DIY pool fountain. Check out more articles on our homepage.

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