How To Soundproof Your Apartment With Creative Home Decor Ideas

August 19, 2020

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Home is the place where you are entitled to tranquillity and peaceful moments. But, some noises are bound to be there to destroy your peace while in the house. They could be sound from the kitchen, television, or outdoor noise like honking horns or quarreling neighbors. Ignoring the side-effects of these diurnal sounds can be baleful for you and your family. While you can't stop people or equipment from making the noise, you can consider some preventive measures like using soundproof doors to restrict or reduce different types of sound.

Soundproofing is one of the effective ways to decrease sound levels inside the house. You may be ignoring the idea of soundproofing due to the cost factor or a complicated procedure. Is it so? Here are some easy, cost-effective ideas to soundproof your home. We have brought 10 amazing home decor ideas that work best for soundproofing.

Before that, let's perceive the exact meaning of soundproofing and its benefits.

What is Soundproofing?

Soundproofing is a process that aims to reduce noise entering or leaving your house, office, or general vicinity. While the sound from inside or outside can't be eliminated completed they can

be reduced by different techniques and materials.

Once a sound is generated, the sound waves travel through the air. The waves when found a solid object, bounce off, causing the object to vibrate and emerge sound. Thus, different absorbing or blocking materials, objects, or techniques are used for soundproofing a building.

Based on the amount of sound you face and wish to block, you can choose the soundproofing techniques. For instance, if you are experiencing less harmful noise, you will require comparatively less soundproofing than if you live next to a concert venue or noisy factory.

In this article, we will be discussing different ideas that would help you reduce both harsh and delicate noises.

Benefits of Soundproofing Your House

More Privacy

Frequent noises from outside, such as loud music, vehicles, etc. disturb you while sleeping, reading, watching, or listening. Soundproofing helps avoid such disturbing noises and maintain privacy at home. Also, soundproofing avoids your private talks leaking outside.

Preserving Physical and Mental Health

Prolonged exposure to excessive and disturbing noise leads to several health conditions like poor concentration, lack of sleep, stress, reduced productivity, cognitive impairment, cardiovascular disease, and so on. When a home is soundproof, you are less exposed to continuous, harsh noises and thereby avoid potential health conditions.

Improved Effective Communication

Communication is an essential element that keeps the family together. But, noise levels above or about 50-60 decibels can distract effective communication between you and your beloved ones. Soundproofing your house helps you reduce the noise levels considerably and thereby improve communication in the house.

Improved Quality of Life

Soundproofing enhances your quality of life by offering you better relaxation at home and avoiding health, privacy, safety, and communication issues caused by noises. With proper soundproofing, you make most out of your time at home.

You must be impressed with the benefits of soundproofing. If you have made your mind to soundproof your house, here are some best ideas to make it happen

Soundproofing Home Using Best Decor Ideas

Window Treatments

Even high-quality windows are merely bad at blocking noise. Thus, it would help if you consider ways to restrict noise entering or leaving from windows. The easiest way to block noise from windows is to cover them with thick blankets or noise-reducing curtains. Stylish, noise-reducing window treatments soundproof your home and add a touch of elegance to it. You can also prefer internal window shades or window inserts to block out the noise.

2. Wall Panels

Walls are more subject noise leaks; thus, it is essential to soundproof them with different techniques. Wall panels prove to be effective at preventing unwanted sound transfer through walls. Many types of wall panels are available especially designed to increase the sound insulation for walls. You can either go with acoustic wood panels, foam panels, or fiberglass panels according to your budget and noise level. Besides making it soundproof, wall panels also add a stylish look to your interior.

3. Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic tiles are also the best option for soundproof walls. They are effective at absorbing sounds, reducing the amplitude of the waves, and enhancing the room's sound quality. They can be used for ceiling also to prevent noise from the upper floor or roof terrace. If you are searching for the most creative and stunning soundproofing idea for your home, acoustic tiles would be the best option.

4. Acoustic Doors

Security and aesthetic are our primary concerns while buying the doors for the house. However, it is also essential to choose soundproof doors. Whether you are constructing a new house or renovating it, consider installing soundproof doors to ensure less sound entering the house. Soundproof doors are heavily insulated to prevent vibration and sound from traveling through them, which results in reduced noise.

5. Artwork

Another best option to prevent noise from walls is to hang paintings and other wall hangings. They help to dampen sound from walls and reduce the noise level in the house. If you can't afford to buy new artwork, try it yourself; this will save you money and help you add color and pattern to space.

6. Soft Furnishings

Reducing hard surfaces can help to reduce the noise to a certain degree. The sound reverberates off of hard materials, so it stands to reason to replace hard surfaces with the soft ones. If you want to soundproof your entire house, consider replacing hard furnishings with soft furnishings. Though you will never be able to replace them completely, it is worth switching out a hard coffee table with upholstered stool.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Happy loving family sitting by the window and making paper snowflakes for decoration windows. Mother and child creating decorations.

7. Door Curtains

Besides choosing acoustic doorsets, you can also consider adding heavy blackout curtains for more sound prevention. Curtains specially designed for soundproofing can help to absorb maximum noise that travels through the door. You can add a layer of stylish soundproof curtains on the interior and exterior doors, which will make your house look more beautiful.

8. Carpets

Carpets serve as the best sound absorber reducing the sound of footsteps by 25 to 34 decibels. They can significantly absorb noise impact in a room and reduce echo and reverberation. Thus, you can consider laying a beautiful but most importantly, thick carpet on the floor to make it soundproof and stylish. Make sure the carpet covers the floor entirely to achieve the best results.

9. Bookcase

Having a vast book collection? Why not use it for soundproofing? Yes, your precious book treasure can help you soundproof your house by filling most of the space. You can place a bookcase in the wide space between the ceiling and floor. Adding your books to the self can help absorb much of the noise traveling in the room.

10. Pillows

Soft and plush surfaces are best at absorbing sound. Thus, using a lot of pillows in the bedroom or leaving the room can reduce the extra noise in the space. However, ensure to use fluffy and big-size pillows to have the idea work perfectly. You can arrange the pillows decoratively to add elegance to your interior.

Final Thoughts!

Soundproofing a house on a budget is possible. For this, you just need to be slightly more creative with your thinking and methods. We hope these ideas will get you a perfectly soundproof home at fewer expenses. However, if you are building a new apartment, then spending a little extra money on soundproofing would be worthwhile. You can consider using soundproofing paint and soundproofing furniture, including acoustic fire doors, windows, floors, etc.


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