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Tips for Choosing The Right Plumber For Your Home

Some plumbing tasks are a simple hack away from the accomplishment. But let’s face it, a pipe-burst or a reverse-flowing kitchen drain can never be your cup of tea. And no matter how much a husband tries to convince his wife, disasters like these are way beyond what unskilled hands can tackle. Instead of looking at misleading instructions on the internet, you should call a professional before it’s too late.

But don’t make the mistake of letting-in anyone claiming to be a plumber inside the house. Follow our tips and suggestions to choose a plumber who is right for the job and right for your home!

Search Local

For a quick service, you should always look for a plumber available in your vicinity. You can look up the local directory. But it is more convenient to make a local search on the internet. If you are browsing on the phone, you could search by typing “plumbers near me”. But if you are browsing on a desktop or laptop, search for a specific location. For instance, typing-in “Plumbing Atlanta, GA” on the desktop would give more accurate results.

Services offered

Plumbing repairs can be diverse. The cause of your trouble could be leaking pipes, damaged fixtures, clogged drains or pipes, or all of them at the same time. The plumber you call in for the service should be able to provide a host of services which involve repair, maintenance, installation and replacement.

Check the Reviews

Most of the plumbing services listed online, have client-reviews published online. If you read the reviews on Google’s business pages, you can assess if there are red-flags about the company or agency.

Check the Credentials

You can trust the skill and expertise of licensed plumber’s and plumbing service providers. A plumbing license is issued only to plumbers with proof of experience and a reliable track record. Always look for a valid plumber’s license issued by local authorities.

Check the Insurance

Make sure that the plumber is insured. In that case, even if there is any accident or injury while repairing, you will not have to bear the financial cost of any hospital bills.

24X7 Services

A lot of plumbers may have limited hours of operation. If you are stuck with an emergency at odd-hours, you would need support from a plumbing service or you need a Seattle drain service that operates round the clock.

Service Charges

It is always best to choose a plumber who charges competitively for visiting and services. If you have never called a plumber before, you could get an idea of the cost from your friends and neighbors. If that doesn’t help, you can dial-in 2-3 credible plumbing services and get an estimate from each. You can choose the one that makes the best offer.

Guarantee for Work

A reliable plumber should be able to guarantee that the repair or installation done by him will not go awry in the immediate future. Mostly, a trustworthy professional will guarantee a free-of-charge visit, in case the resolved issue surfaces again in a couple of day’s time.

Bonus Tip

Ready to hire a plumber? Here are some questions you could ask him on the call:

  • What will be an estimated cost, including service fees and charges?
  • Are the service charges fixed or hourly?
  • Do you have a valid license and insurance?
  • How much experience do you have?
  • Is there any guarantee for the work done?
  • Can I expect 24X7 support?

While you ask questions regarding the service, check how the person responds. If he sounds helpful and willing to assist, and you are satisfied with the answers, you’ve got your pick!


Home improvement is endlessly demanding. Managing a household could be much more effective, if only you had a go-to expert. Next time the taps and drains show signs of distress; you can keep calm and have a plumber on call.

Crystal Simmons
Crystal Simmons is a freelance writer and is passionate about helping people. She also has her own blog where she shares her tips and tricks. You can reach her at crystalsimmons42(@)gmail.


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