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3 Secrets to a Beautiful Living Room

The living room is where you go both to entertain and for some comforting alone time. It’s a space meant for relaxation, so it’s important for the area to be organized, balanced and welcoming. From the decor and the color palette to the focal point and organization style, there are many elements that go into creating the energy you want in your living room. Below are three tips to get you started on making your living room into the haven you deserve.

1. Position the room.


One of the first elements that helps to create energy and balance is the positioning of your furniture. You should take into consideration both the size of the space as well as where you want to focal point to be. The couch is one of the first pieces of furniture that will help to establish this focus. Do you have a fireplace or large windows that you want the couch to be facing? Perhaps there is a wall that the couch will be against, or a work of art work that will be the centerpiece of the room. If you’re seeking inspiration for ways to position your belongings, consider reading up on Feng Shui—the Chinese practice of harnessing the power of natural energy to bring comfort and harmony into one’s life.

Once you determine the focal point of the room and positioning of the furniture, the energy of the room will come together. Then you can start filling in other details, like a coffee table or throw pillows. Start by deciding on the position of the major furniture, then choose a coffee table and pick out extras that fit in with the color scheme.

2. Make it feel soft, welcoming and very you.


Ideally, you’ll achieve a balance between making your living room feel welcoming for others, while also making it feel like home. The first step is choosing decor that is true to your design aesthetic. Whether you want mid-century modern vibes or plush couches and soft throws, pick a style and stick with it. Do you want neutral tones with pops of color or a more vibrant, eclectic palette? Choose a theme that aligns with your tastes and that feels inviting, warm and relaxing to you. One way you can never go wrong is to include potted plants or greenery, bringing a bit of nature inside.

Don’t forget to put something on your wall. Like some custom map poster from Grafomap and if you like to have more cool room decor ideas then you should just Google for some ideas.

Adding personal touches to the space is really important to create a welcoming space in your living room. This can be accomplished by having some of your favorite art displayed, eye-catching homeware pieces from your favorite travels or showcasing photos of your family and friends. You can hang photos, but having your photographs organized in coffee table photo books is a unique way to display some of your favorite photos and also allow your guests to engage with your stories. Do you have a favorite vacation you want celebrated in a book? Or perhaps you want to transform your wedding album into a coffee table book. By turning some of your favorite memories into custom photo books, you’ll bring a touch of your personal life into your living room space, and it can be a fun conversation starter for guests as well! You’ll enjoy flipping through your custom coffee table photo book, reminiscing about that weekend in New York or perusing photographs of your road trip through national parks. All your memories will be at arms reach, right there on your coffee table.

3. Organize and balance the space.


Keeping an organized living room is soothing to the eye and the soul. You want the space to be one that invites relaxation and meaningful conversations, so organize it that way. Ensure that you have enough seating for guests, perhaps adding floor cushions or ottomans as additional options. Be careful not to clutter the space, though.

Balancing the space is important as a way to bring it all together. Adding details such as a mirror or a unique structure can help draw one’s attention above the sofa. High backed chairs, screens, and wall art can also accomplish this. On the other side, add in a statement rug to bring the room together from below. You can use a patterned rug with hints of orange and red to add in energy, or a neutral-toned, sheepskin rug to soften the space and add an aura of calm. Once it is decorated according to your tastes, organized, balanced, and has that personal touch of your favorite photos in a custom photo book, your living room will be a place you will never want to leave.

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