3 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

September 22, 2020

Renovating your home can increase its property value and give a new, fresh vibe to an already comfortable place. According to HomeAdvisor, homeowners can spend thousands of dollars—anywhere between $18,389 and $75,969—on home renovation jobs, with the price depending on the size of their home and the number of rooms they change. Just as you might upgrade your home’s interior by renovating the kitchen, repainting the bedrooms, replacing the carpeting, and updating your appliances, consider improving the exterior as well.

Making your house look more attractive on the outside—by increasing its curb appeal—not only allows it to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing homes in the neighborhood, but it can increase your property’s value, too. To update your home’s look and enhance its curb appeal, consider making changes concerning the exterior paint, landscaping, and any outdoor fixtures.

Spruce up your lawn.

Allow the neighborhood to get a better view of how attractive your home is by trimming away and rearranging any tall shrubs that might obscure windows. Renewing your shrubbery and greenery can revitalize the atmosphere of your home. Maintain your lawn’s attractiveness through actions such as weeding flower beds, mowing and edging your lawn, applying new mulch, and watering and taking care of any plants you grow. Sweeping your sidewalks and driveways can complement your neatly trimmed, well-manicured lawn.

While your home is undergoing interior and exterior renovations, consider keeping your lawn fixtures and other belongings in an outdoor storage facility. With a drive-up storage unit, you can easily load your possessions inside. The convenience, versatility, and privacy of outdoor drive-up storage units allow you to protect your belongings from potential damage as home renovation projects occur and quickly access them when you need to.

Add a porch to your property.

Porches can be an attractive addition to any property. They provide an enjoyable space for homeowners and their guests or prospective homebuyers to relax outside. Adding chairs and rockers to your porch makes it a charming sitting area that can demonstrate how comfortable the property is, and this encourages people to have a seat and take in the beauty of your home. Furthermore, by adding a porch, homeowners who are in the process of selling their homes can make a property more inviting to prospective homebuyers; porches offer them a place to rest after touring the property.

Adding a porch and leveling it is a tall order that only professionals—such as the proven foundation repair company Above All Leveling— should handle. This company does an excellent job leveling porches, blocks and slabs, and pier and beam houses. These experts not only provide satisfactory foundation repair, but they also handle all types of wood rot repair and gutter installation. This service employs the highest quality, durable building materials and commits to protecting your home, porch, decks, and more from dry rot issues. Don't leave your porch build to amateurs call in the professionals when you take on this type of project.

Pressure wash your home and freshen the colors.

One way to improve your property’s exterior appearance is to give it the pressure wash it deserves. Removing any grime, mold, dirt, and other unpleasant substances from your driveways, patios, decks, glass panels, and windows can give it a clean, fresh look that allows your property to speak for itself.

Once your home exterior receives a deep cleaning, think about giving it a new coat of paint. Choosing a different paint color for your home can make it look and feel like a new property. If it suits your tastes, consider repainting the front door as well. Painting your front door a bold color like red, green, or yellow can be attention-grabbing, especially on a neutral-colored home.

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