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Considering Switching to Renewable Energy? Here are the Mistakes to Avoid


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are shutting their doors and are operating virtually to reduce the spread of the deadly virus. And while the current stay home orders have since ‘laxed’ since the start of the pandemic, more people are still working from home. This new norm of the home office has been great for many people in the aspect of being able to maintain their livelihood, but it’s also presented a different set of circumstances to consider…

Increased electric bills

Because people are following orders to stay home, that means electric bills have gone up from using the thermostat more, having lights on, and from doing more cooking at home. Forbes reported a study by the CDC stating that one in three Americans dine on fast-food on any given day. But now that a lot of these dining establishments are closed due to the pandemic, it’s forcing people to stay home and cook more. In doing so, it’s going to increase your electric bill.

Now, that’s not saying that if it weren’t for the pandemic, you’d have a lower electric bill, per se, but it is saying that staying home is the ‘new norm’ now but it doesn’t have to drain your wallet either.

Aside from rent or a mortgage, your electric bill is one bill that you can’t completely get rid of but it is one that you can reduce. Homeowners typically will have solar panels installed on their roofs, and that’s definitely a great way to not only lower your electric bill but it’s also a great way to be kind to the environment as well.

The only thing about switching to renewable energy is that people are ill-informed about it, and therefore, go about transitioning from traditional to alternative electricity all wrong and end up making mistakes that can sometimes be quite costly.

If you’re considering switching to renewable energy as your source of electricity, do your due diligence to learn more about it and be sure to avoid these mistakes.  You can read more about switching to a new energy provider on

Mistakes to Avoid When Considering Switching to Renewable Energy

Not Conducting Thorough Research on Switching to Renewable Energy

People make the switch to renewable energy because they care about the environment, of course, but if we’re going to be transparent here, people really make the switch because it can significantly reduce electric bills. Knowing this, it gives way to lots of unrealistic expectations which then lead to misconceptions.

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding renewable energy is the idea that people will have a lowered electric bill as soon as they make the switch, and that’s just not the case. The truth of the matter is that switching to renewable energy doesn’t mean you’re going to see immediate results. On top of that, it’s not going to truly impact your bill unless you make some energy-efficient efforts on your end as well.

For example, if you constantly run your AC, you can’t expect to see much difference in your electric bill. Keep your thermostat at a temperature that’s slightly higher or lower than what the temperature is outside…

Failing to Consider All Your Renewable Energy Options

When it comes to switching to renewable energy, lots of people miss out on the opportunity to take full advantage of it simply because they think it’s not an option for them. In the past, the only way people could switch to renewable energy was if they owned a home and had solar panels installed on their roof… That’s definitely not the case anymore.

While solar panel installation is a great way to utilize the many benefits of solar energy, it’s not the only way. Today, whether you’re a homeowner or renter, you can find electric suppliers that offer the best rates for electricity on a fixed or variable plan. Your options for renewable energy are pretty open… you just have to shop around. And this is a great long-term way to manage your electricity bill, pandemic or not!

Not Getting Multiple Quotes on Installation

This particular section is only beneficial if you’re going to get solar panels or have another type of energy-efficient system installed at your home. Whether you decide to have solar panels or wind turbines installed at your home, it’s important that you not just go with the first company offering those services… You want to get quotes from at least three companies.

Once you find three companies, you’ll then want to compare prices from all three, look at customer reviews, and look at pictures of each company’s previous work. It’s important to look at all three of those factors simply because cheaper isn’t always the better option; In that same token, more expensive doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality either.

Take the time out to look at every company you’re considering in all those areas to help you narrow your selection down to the right one.


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